Chapter 18 : Pretending to be a couple Pt.2

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So in the last chapter I made, I asked you guys what chapter you wanted me to make after this one and all of you said you wanted to know about your history with Gwen. So since you all really love Gwen. The next chapter will be about your history with Gwen.
You were thinking about a backstory to tell Max's mother when she comes.
'How about...I was apart of the uchila clan but then suddenly everything changed once the fire nation attacked, the entire clan was slaughtered except me and my trusty pikachu,(Pika pika bish) L8TER on my quest to become the best bey blade master,Max comes in and the I was kidnapped by Ryuk and Max had the death note and killed Ryuk and we met death the kid and killed him and defeated the titans together and we played volleyball with Hinata and then we realized we LOAFED each other and we got a goku costume and we defeated Ryuko for no reason and we met Rin Okumura and we left him alone because it's fucking Rin Okumura and then we became part of the ouran host club and the we killed everyone and we killed everything and now we're at camp camp because fuck you and we b get married next time : narutoooooo' You thought
(Thanks to xXKitsun3Xx for this amazing backstory XD)

"Hmm...that doesn't sound true...but what sounds true is that I have an anime addiction...meh." You shrugged
'I'll agree with whatever backstory Max thinks of.' You thought.

Time skip because I'm bored and Lazy.

I was in my tent when Nikki came running in
"Y/N! Max's mom arrived!" She yelled
I jumped off of my bed and walked out
There was a really happy woman outside talking to Max.

She had the same brown skin,emerald green eyes,she wore black T-shirt beneath a blue jacket,black jeans and black boots.
"Oh,hello there! You must be Y/N! Max's girlfriend,right?" She titled her head slightly.

"Yes,the one and only kinda...not really. But I'm Max's girlfriend! It's a pleasure to meet you!" You held your hand our for her to shake
"The pleasure's all mine,sweetie. I'm Mary by the way." She shook your hand.
You smiled at her and she returned a really friendly one back at you.

"I'm going to stay here for a few more hours and leave! So let me take a picture of you two hugging!" She suggested.
You glances at Max and awkwardly side-hugged him and smiled at the camera.

She took a few pictures and after that went to explore the camp with her. It was...pleasant.
She kept fangirling about how cute Max and I were together. She was really sweet and kind.
After 30 minutes of awkwardness, you went to take a sip of water. This is was...stressful.

After you came back she asked you something
"When did you guys start dating?" She asked
"Well...we...uh started dating...a few weeks after I came here....?" You answered
"Y-yeah! She was really nice and kind to me. We were dared to kiss each other while playing Truth or dare with our friends! Hah.a.." Max awkwardly laughed

"That is so cute!" She pinched Max's cheek
You giggled.
"Yeah,after that we started getting closer and closer until he asked me out on a date." You added
"I-I w-was nervous and scared that y-you would reject me,okay?!" He yelled
Since when was he a stundere? You laughed and Mary laughed along with you.

It was now dinner time and it was actually the last few hours you had to spend with Mary but you were tired of lying to her. You wanted to tell her the truth. You went to the bathroom.
You saw Nikki,Erid and Sensy there talking.

"Hey guys. What's up?" You asked
"The ceiling." Erid responded
"Haha...I'm too tired to laugh but that was funny." You said
"You can just tell her the truth. You can't just lie to her like that! What if she finds out?" Sensy asked

"I don't know...come snd save me,when things get awkward please." You pleaded
"Alright." Nikki replied
You washed your face and walked out of there.
You sat down on the table next to Max
"Are you okay? We can stop if you aren't feeling that good.." Max said
"I'm fine. It's just a few more hours." You said

"Have you guys ever had a second kiss,yet?" She asked
"Y-yeah,w-w-we have mom." Max said
"I know when you're lying to me,Max. You start blushing and stuttering. Stop lying to me. Have you ever had a second kiss?" She asked once again
"We haven't." You answered

"Then do it! Kiss her Max!" She started saying that over and over.
You blushed madly. Then Sensy ran over to your table.
"I'm really sorry,Mary. They have been lying to you all this time. Y/N is MY girlfriend." She said
"Okay then, kiss!" She said

"What?! No! She isn't my girlfriend and he isn't my boyfriend neithe-" you quickly covered your mouth
"Wh-what? You have been lying to me all along? Why?" She sadly said
"I'm sorry! We never wanted to make you sad! We pretended to be a couple so that you wouldn't be sad!" You said

"I-it's okay." She smiled "You really did that all for me? That's so sweet! But don't lie to me ever again or you'll face the consequences." She said with the scariest face ever.
"Alright!" You said

After that she left,you and Max didn't talk to each other for the rest of the day because you thought it might be awkward.

Okay here it is! Part two of 'pretending to be a couple.' I hope you liked it's okay if you didn't.

I apologize for any typos or if any of the characters are OOC (out of character.)

I'll see you in the next chapter


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