Pretending to be a couple pt 1 & 2 : bloopers

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Hey there,so...this chapter isn't really a chapter..? I don't know! I just wanted to make you guys laugh or maybe just smile, so I decided to make this!

Also thanks for 2.3k+ reads. This is a 2k special but it's super late because were close to 3k...This is such a big accomplishment! I never thought I'd even get to 1k reads! But holy cow! We're close to 3k! I love you all so much (please don't understand this weirdly. I love you all in a friendly way. Even though I've never met you...ever...god...I really need friends...) so yeah! Enough of me talking about stuff you don't care about. I'll let you start reading the chapter now...bye..I-I hope you like.

Here are some bluepurrs? Bloops? Bloobers? Bloopers? Yeah, bloopers.
Author-chan (Me narrating.) : I was peacefully sleeping when my annoy- *cough* ing *couch*.
Max : this is the 6th time you've done this! Seriously! Get your shit together!
Author-chan : Jeez, okay! I'm sick! What can I do about it?

*After one hour of author-chan and Max fighting. Seriously, I don't think you want to witness those type of fights*

Max : Tell Y/N?! How will she react?! Maybe she'll start to dislike me! Or worse...she might start to hate me!
Max : um...hey Author-chan..? Why the fuck am I panicking? I don't even care about Y/N! This is bullshit!
Author-chan : stop lying. I know you care about her. *wiggles eyebrows*
Max : maybe but only a little bit. Hey!! Don't look to deep into this!! This means nothing!
Author-chan : Okay, if it means nothing then why are you being so over dramatic? You don't have to yell in my face.
Max : fuck you...


Author-chan : Max and the three counselors walked to Y/N's tent slowly for some reason trying not make any sound.
Y/N : Stop it,Sensy!
Max : *runs in* Hey wha-
Y/N and Sensy : *stare at Max*
Sensy : um..Hi...
Y/N : FINALLY! someone came to save me! She wouldn't stop tickling me! I'm very ticklish and it seriously hurts when I laugh too much.
Sensy : *starts tickling Y/N again* I'm the tickle monster! Fear me!
Y/N : *starts laughing her flat ass off*
Max : *starts tickling Y/N as well*
Author-chan : *walks in Y/N's tent* um...hey,Y/N? Have you seen Max? I need him to his part. *stares at them*
Y/N : it's not what it looks like! I swear! Wait... it is...they aren't even doing anything bad..they're just tickling me. And Max's here.
Author-chan : Still...Y'all like (I don't have any fucking money. Hey bitch! Do you really really real- Okay I'll stop now) really really really need Jesus. *Takes out holy stick* You gon' get slapped with Yokki's holy stick today.

            *on break. Because why not?*
Author-chan : So...does that sound good to you?
Y/N : Yeah, it does but can we not do the part where Sensy tells Max's mother that I'm her girlfriend? I don't know why but I feel weird because she's like a sister to.
Sensy : *smiles with tears rolling down her eyes* this is the 5th time you Sisterzoned me this year. *mumbles*
Author-chan : I'm sorry,Y/N but I'm afraid I cannot remove that part.
Y/N : why though?
Author-chan : Because It's my favorite part of the whole thing. *whispers* also because I'm a crazy fangirl who ships any characters that totally don't belong together.
Akane : *Sips coffee* uh-huh uh-huh, I see where you're going.
Y/N : wait who are you? *Everyone looks at Akane weirdly*
Akane : I'm Akane. And it looks like that I'm in the wrong story.
Author-chan : oh yeah...sorry. (If you didn't know Akane is one of the many characters from my other book. You should check it out.)
Akane : Well can at least send me to my story? This world is weird...also you really need to update your other book.
Author-chan : uh yeah...sure and I will. I'm just working on a very long chapter.
Akane : I see. Well,Farewell. I think we'll probably see each other soon?
Author-chan : soon. *opens portal to the Death Note world* See ya!
Akane : Yeah,See ya. Oh yeah, before I go *walks to Sensy and whispers in her ear* Just try harder. She might have feelings back for you too if you just hang out with her a little bit more. *walks in portal and then portal disappears*
Max : Who was she?
Author-chan : She's Akane. One of the many characters I've created. She doesn't belong here though. In her world IPhones and Samsungs don't exist yet.
Space kid : oh wow!
Y/N : she seems cool.
Author-chan : If you think reading and studying and other boring stuff is cool then yeah, she is cool.

So? What do you think? Is it good? Is it bad? Do you want me to make more of these blooper chapters? Also I'm going to do a Q n A. So if you have any questions for any of the characters including : Sensy,Katie,Mia,Chloe,Cindy,Veronica and Y/N just ask! Ask whatever you want ! It doesn't have to be a question! It can be a dare too if you want! Also I'm already working on the 3k special because it'll be a long one!


I hope you have a great day/night/evening/afternoon. Or whatever it is where you live.


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