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Hello reader,

Before I say anything else, thank you so much for 4k+ views. Anyway, I want to tell you guys something.

As you may know, I said that I'd be finishing this story after a few more chapters (by a few I mean four.), I already made two of them, I still have to make two more.

But....here's the thing, I have no ideas...at the beginning, I based the chapters off of the episodes of Camp Camp But now I started making "original chapters", if you can even call them that.

It's been very hard trying to make these "original" chapters, mostly because I'm not good making original stuff, and because I have shit to do.

So I hope you can forgive me, for not posting a chapter for like a week or so.

I guess, I'll see you in the next chapter. (Which will be posted in like a week.)



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