Chapter 1 : First day

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Please don't play the music now Play it when I tell you to thank you.
"BEEP BEEP" Your alarm clock went off
"Ugh I don't wanna get up"You said very tired but then you remembered today was the first day of Camp you look at the clock "7:00 am huh? Well I better get ready"You said getting up you wore your usual outfit a light and Dark blue hoodie,a black skirt,high knee socks and you Red and white striped shoes You put your hair in a short ponytail (if you have long hair ignore the short) and went downstairs to eat breakfast
"Good morning honey!"You mom yelled
"Good morning mom!"You said
"Where's dad?"You Ask
"He's still sleeping,you know how lazy he is"She replied
"Yeah I know"You said and giggled
You sit down at the table and begin eating,once you finish your breakfast you go to your room and grab two backpacks that had you stuff in them you put your phone in your hoodie pocket and went downstairs
"Goodbye mom! Tell dad I said Bye!"I Yelled
"Goodbye honey!"She yelled back
I left and waited for the bus to come pick me up for camp after five minutes of waiting the bus pulled up in front of me.I waited for the doors to open and got in and I saw two kids one of them looked familiar
"Neil?"I asked the boy
"(Y/N)?"He asked looking at me
"The one and only....uh kinda but yeah!"I Said
He got up and hugged me I hugged back and after a few minutes I let go.I look at the other person to see that I was a girl.She had green blue-ish hair she had pink eyes and she wore a yellow shirt beneath her red overall and green shoes
"Hello! I'm (Y/N) it's really nice to meet you!"I Said looking at her and holding my hand for her to shake
"Oh! Hello my name is Nikki"She Said and not my hand
"Ow! What was that for?"I asked
"Sorry it's something about exerting dominance. You know how it goes."She apologized
"Like an animal?"I asked
"Yeah like that."She replied
Then the three of us started talking and I got to know more about the Nikki and got to know more about me too.
We arrived at Camp at 9:00 am when the bus stopped we heard a scream And I ran out
"Please don't be dead please don't be dead"I Said
"What I'm not dead I'm completely fine you must be one of the new campers I'm David I'm your Camp counselor,I suppose you're (Y/N)! You signed up for Art camp right?"Said a really tall guy he looked 24 Or something.He had chestnut brown hair,light green eyes he wore a green sweater that had a pine tree in the middle, a brown vest on top of it,a yellow bandanna,fishing shorts,long socks that blue stripes and brown boots
"Yeah you're right,Can you show me to my tent please?"I Said trying to act nice I hated being like that
"Of course! But fiirst we have to show you around!"He Said I Said Okay and then walked up to Neil and Nikki and greeted them just like he did with me then he took us on a tour around the camp and then we went to the mess hall to greet his co-counselor
He opened the door and
"MOTHERFUCKER!"I heard a very familiar voice yell
"Gwen?"I ask
"(Y/N)?" She looked at me
"Oh god no."I Said and she ran up to me picked me up and started twirling me in the air
"(Y/N)! It's been so long since that last I saw you!"She Said
"Yeah I know but can you kindly put me down Gwen I'm feeling dizzy"I Said
"Oh I see you know Gwen (Y/N)!wonderful!"David Said
"Yeah she's my aunt."I Said
"Well Why don't you guys introduce yourselves?"Askes David
"I'll go first! Hi my name is Nikki and I love nature"Nikki introduced herself
"I'm Neil and I am a man of science"Neil said
"Hey! You might already know me since my name has bean said like 3 or 4 times here so I'm not gonna bother."I Said with a bored expression All the boys looked at me except one I felt awkward having so many eyes on me I'm not used to that much attention.
Then David said "you guys can go do whatever you want know it's Saturday"
And I walked out and went to my tent and unpacked I was gonna share a tent with Nikki Neil and another kid.
Once I finished unpacking and I went out of the tent I noticed a small stage I walked over to it and I could hear music playing and Then another song started I knew the song.
(Play the song now)
You started singing along your eyes were closed and then you touched something you didn't know what it was but you danced with assuming it was a puppet but what you didn't know that it was human and there were everyone was watching you didn't know and continued Dancing with the human that you though was a puppet or something and started twirling it around and singing the song finished you opened your eyes to see a boy that looked Iike you. Your faces were too close and he was holding you by your waist
"Dude what the fuck?!"You both Said in unison
"Hey language."David said
You turned to him and saw everyone there
"I don't know who this bitch is! But she fucking killed it! Ahh!"Yelled someone in a green and yellow costume
You look back at the boy and say
"Who the fuck are you and let go of me"He let's go
"Well shit don't get mad I'm Max but I have a question for you too Why the fuck do you look like me?"Max asked
"Well I can ask you the same question"I Said
"Look I don't fucking know why I look like you or why you look like me but I don't have fucking siblings"max replied
"Neither do I"I Said
"Oh sorry about uh dancing with you without your permission."I apologized
"It's was a little fun"he muttered the last part
"What was that?"I asked
"Nothing."He Said
"Uh-huh Okay then Maxie boy"I said walking down from the stage he looked red as a tomato
"Hey there! Would you like to see a magic trick?"I heard a voice say from behind me I turn around
"Sure! I'm (Y/N) bye the way"I Said
"I'm Harrison" He Said.he then took off his top hat,put his hand in there and got out a bouquet of roses
"Lovely flowers for the lovely lady~"He Said Bowing
"Th-thank you"I Said taking them
"Harrison she doesn't want to see your lame tricks she wants to come with me!"a girl yelled at Harrison
"Nerris stop being annoying she's doesn't want to come with you she wants to come with me! Right (Y/N)?"He Said
"I-I uh...I"I stuttered
"Nerris,Harrison Please stop arguing in front of (Y/N)! She's new here"Yelled Gwen as she pulled me away from them I waved them goodbye before disappearing with Gwen.

Okay this took a lot of time I hope you enjoyed



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