Chapter 12: David gets hard

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You were walking through the camp searching for Max. You walked over to his tent and walked in. You didn't find Max nor Neil in the tent but you found a laptop on Max's bed
"Hm? a laptop..."You Said and took it. You turned it on and entered google and you went to the search history and you found search that was 'what do boobies look like?'
'Yep that's definitely Max.' I thought
You walked back to your tent and continued on with your day.
-the next day-
"T-G-I-F,Kiddos! Boy has it been a week! Monday we went bass jumping for Erid's extreme sports camp, Tuesday we froze Harrison alive for Magic camp." David Said and Nerris was trying to break the ice that was on Harrison but Harrison's arm fell off
"I can fix that...."She Said
"Wednesday was a double-whammy for arts and performance!" David Said and Dolph was drawing what looked like a superhero and Preston was posing for Dolph
"Do not move a muscle!"Dolph Said
"And all these hilarious props and gags are courtesy of Thursday's visual comedy camp!" David Said
Scotty made horn honk "Thursday's over,Scotty. Go back to your tent."Max Said
Scotty then made a sad horn honk.
"So,Gwen,Which camper are we focusing on to wrap up the week!"David Said
"Uhh...oh no."Gwen said
"Come on, Gwen, who's it gonna be?"Daniel asked
"It's....Nurf."She Said and pointed at him
"Oh...dear...Nurf's....Camp?"David asked
"What camp did Nurf sign up for?"Neil asked
"Nurf...didn't sign up for a camp....his parents signed him up...for behavioral correction camp."Gwen said
"Boot Camp."Daniel Said with a terrified look in his eyes
"FUCK YEAH! Scare me straight!! In all seriousness though, If I don't see any definitive results I'm contacting my parents."Nurf Said
"I don't-"David was cut off by Nurf
"AND DON'T BE A FUCKING-"Nurf was cut off by a beep sound "-Or I tell them you touched me!"Nurf finished and Scotty made a horn honk
-time skip-
Max made a screeching sound with QM's hook so loud that you had to cover your ears
"Thank you!"Max
"Mhmm."QM Said took his hook back and walked away
"You two not be tough enough to run a boot camp,David."Max Said
"But we can teach you."You Said
"Teach us?"David Said
"Oh yeah."Max Said
"Teach You how to be mean- how to be HARD!"You Said
"How to keep kids like Nurf out there from walking all over you!"Max continued
"After all, There's only two campers at Camp Campbell worse than Nurf..."You Said
"And it's us!"You and Max Said in unison
"What do you want?"Gwen asked
"Double dessert,no activities for a week and David's social security number. "You and Max said
"Done."Gwen said
"Gwen!"David Said
"SHUT UP!"Gwen yelled
"Okay.."David Said
"No!"You Said
"You can't just back down the moment someone gets in your face,idiot!" Max Said
"Yeah! Ya gotta stand up for yourself! I can't do this alone, which means you've got to pull yourself together!"Gwen said
"Gosh darnit! You're right,Gwen!"David Said
"Today's the day,I get hard!"David Said
"...okay maybe we don't phrase it like that.."Gwen said
"Oh no! Rule 1 : No backing down! Look out,world! I'm hard and I'm coming! Wether he likes it or not! Nurf's gonna let me in!"David Said and walked to the door and kicked it with his "owie!"He Said and walked out
" he gonna help,Nurf Or is he gonna fuck 'em?"I asked
After a few minutes David came back crying and his hand was bleeding
Gwen was wrapping David's hand with bandages
"You're pathetic."Max Said
"And getting blood on my boots."Gwen said
"Guys,I just don't if this whole "tough guy" technique is going to work. What if we just...I don't know...give him a hug?those always make me feel better!"David said
"NO HUGS!"Max Said and David
"You just gotta change your perspective on life.tell me how do you feel about your co-counselor Gwen?"Max asked
"Well...she's smart...she helps me run activities..."David Said
"No,no! You're being positive again!"Max Said
"Gwen's the fucking worst! She slacks off,reads garbage, and has no idea what she's doing with her life!" You Said and they all looked at you like you had four arms "what." Gwen said
"There's no time travelling Doctor coming to save you,Gwen! Get your shit together!"You Yelled
"I just wanna have his British babies!"Gwen yelled and ran away crying and David had 'wtf' look on his face
"Now, it's your turn."Max Said and they left leaving you alone.
After a few minutes they come back
Max a had terrified look on his face and Daniel was trying to get David to stop crying.
Now Gwen was wrapping David's other hand with bandages and Daniel was standing next
"Man, he's way more fucked than I thought.."Max Said 
"Y/N?"Daniel asked
"Yes?"You asked
"Would you like to show them how to do it?"Daniel asked and kissed your cheek
"With pleasure."You Said and smirked
"It's time that you use weapons instead of your own bare hands, and learn."You Said and walked out and they were watching from the window
"Hey,Nurf!"You Said 
"What is it,Y/N?"He asked
"Can I take something from you?"You asked
"Sure! What is it?"He asked
" all your knives,please. I'm trying to kill someone soon."You Said
"Yeah! Yeah! Of course! But first.."he said
"What is it?" You asked
"You have to show me something~"He said and licked his lips
"Show you something?"you asked and then you realized what he meant
"Oh my fuck! What the hell's wrong with you?"You asked and slowly backed away and ran back to the cabin
"I-I n-n-need Jasper."You Said and hugged Daniel
"He's So fucked up."You Said
Gwen,Max and David were going to try another way and they walked out and left you with Daniel.
-After 20 minutes-
You two walked of the cabin and saw David and Max
"Well. I guess it turns out at the end of the day sometimes you just gotta hit kids."Max Said and walked away.
You walked to your tent and stayed there for the entire day.

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