Chapter 13.1: "Lima Syndrome of an XXXY"

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In case some are still lost, Kameko is Chaeyoung's Japanese name in this story.


"I get it! I'm coming. Tell Kiro not to leave her alone until I get there, okay?"





"Thankkkk youuuu so muchhhhhh forr commiiing... I can'ttt takeee thissss annymoooreee!" Kiro shrieks running towards a nearby public comfort room, leaving the new arrived Kameko.

I wasn't informed that there's a duck version of Charlie Chaplin's walk. Poor Kiro kekeke...

Kameko tried to suppress her laughter; she doesn't want to destroy her cold badass image from the standpoint of people's eyes specially that she's currently standing on a busy street with many passersby who can recognize her. Giving folks the impression of a weakling Kameko is a big nope. That won't do for the *** clan, no one is allowed to be puny in that family.

Her gaze, then instantly found the girl with wintry eyes across the street. There, inside a store is the Ice Princess she has been taking care of for years. Her brows immediately furrow at the sight of her Goddess being harassed by another foreign asshole who is obviously clueless that he is digging his own grave right now. Everyone in that town knows that the girl belongs to Kameko except the girl herself. Yes, Kameko has been stalking her for the past three years so no local would dare to lay a finger on her unless you want to lodge in the emergency room or enjoy the facilities of the morgue. And it seems the foreign guy signed foolishly his waiver form to die today. Kameko cracked her knuckles, ready to launch an attack, but before she can even take a step, a hand on her shoulder halted her attempt.

"Hold on Beast, we'll deal with him. Remember your father's command, no smell of blood in your hands."

Says Rin, one of her adoptive father's loyal followers. Well, if she's stalking her Ice Princess, Rin is stalking her to make sure she won't kill a person with her own hands.

"Fine..." Even though her blood is boiling with anger that she wanted to do the assault herself, she just can't disrespect her teacher in Judo. She respects him the way she respects her father.

You're such a lucky bastard. Just an E.R. for you, tsk! Still clinching her knuckles.

Quickly, two of Rin's men entered the store and made a fuss to disrupt the foreigner from its perverted crime. He immediately let go of the girl's hand and made its way out of the store, avoiding the trouble. What he didn't know, another three men of Rin are following him, and the rest is history. He has to sleep for a good couple of days in a hospital bed.

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