Chapter 19.3: "Next: Tears for the Tear"

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(Back to MiChaeng...Feb 14, past 2 a.m.)

"I love you so damn much asshole, so don't you ever dare run away from me in this lifetime or the next and the next after it." (Last line in Chapter 18)

Chaeyoung was speechless for a bit, but then when she was trying to speak. Her world orbited again courtesy of her dizzy head. As Mina feels the sudden weight on her shoulder, she asked with tons of worries in her voice.

"Hey, what's wrong Freshman? Is it your head again?" Though the rapper wanted to reply a more accurate line, at that time she only managed to release a hum.

"Then let's go back to my room, you need to rest."

The ballerina did everything she could to support her girlfriend's unsustainable walk as they pass the hallway to her room. Once they got inside, she assisted the rapper to sit on the right side of the bed and then she kneels in front of Chaeyoung to gently massage her head.

"Does it feel better now? Do I need to call the physician?"

It was soothing, the way her calm voice asked the question like an angel humming a lullaby to the ears of the wobbly girl. And it was more comforting to the younger girl's heart to see the ballerina's deep brown orbs filled with tender affection for her that even the dim lights of the room cannot hide how wonderful and lovely they are.

Mina-yahh... I don't deserve these look in your eyes.

The rapper can only mumble the sentiment in silence. In her heart she knew that a criminal like her, needs a punishment and not forgiveness. If the Japanese beauty doesn't have the courage to castigate her then she will do it herself. There's no way that she will pardon the sexual harasser who almost tainted this sweet and caring person in front of her.

I'm sorry Ms. Myoui... I'm sorry for ruining your stars. Destiny is sometimes careless.

Chaeyoung tried, she tried so hard to cease the liquids breaking away from her eyes, but her heart already sank in the mud of feebleness so in the end, she failed. Mina shouldn't have met her in the first place. Involving the elegant girl in her pathetic fate was the most erroneous thing that existed. She only caused nothing but havoc and pain to her.

"Why are you so nice... to a monster like me?" The younger girl almost failed to finish the line. Her tears practically choked her voice. It sounded like a whisper getting faded in the end.

Meanwhile, the Japanese beauty was taken aback by the unexpected question and had to observe her fragile and traumatic girlfriend or should she say, her fragile and traumatic boyfriend. Because right now, the one in front of her is the Kameko Ishii she knew who hates himself the most and not the confident and relax Son Chaeyoung.

"Kamshii..." The elegant ballerina called softly. She suddenly realized that it has been so long since she called him with that nickname. A name she gave to shorten his full name and also the pet name she only use when she wanted him to know that she was not mad about the wrong things he did. During their stay in the orphanage, Kameko (Chaeyoung) often teased her that it led her to cry at times. Back then, the Japanese girl did not know that when guilt populates the young man's conscience, he does something to condemn his self. There was a time when he did not eat the whole day just because she ignored him for hours and she chose to play with the other children. At that moment, the only thing she wanted was a simple apology, but the boy chose to harm his self instead. And that's what scares Mina right now, knowing he has this side. She had to do something for this guy to forgive himself or else he could harm his self again.

"Kamshii..." She called once more, but he sticks his eyes towards the floor. "Kameko Ishii, look at me." Still, the guy lets his stubborn self to rule that Mina had to raise his chin so their eyes could meet.

"I'm sorry." She started with a sincere tone and assuring eyes. "I'm sorry for giving you a horrendous name. At that time, I didn't recognize you."

"No!" The guy shakes his head frantically. "You don't have to say sorry for giving me a factual name. I am indeed a monster."

The elegant Japanese had to give up, telling him that he is not a monster by words will not work this time. She has to execute a different approach, knowing how obstinate her boyfriend can be. "Then, do you remember the exact statement I told you that night?"

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