Chapter 6: "MorChain"

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"Are you sure about this?" The Father of the ICU patient questioned while examining the documents, the private detective brought.

"I'm certain Sir, the result of my investigation showed that there's no girl named Mina that exists in your son's life."

"Then how is it possible that my son keeps calling her name?" The Mother interrupted, her eyes landed on her bedridden son with qualms.

"I'm so sorry Madam, but even your son's closest friends don't know her."

"Maybe she's a secret girlfriend or a crush... or an online friend?" The Mother insisted.

"We also checked those possibilities Madam, but there is still no Mina on them."

"Hon (Honey) what are we going to do? She's our last chance to awaken our son."

The man hugged her crying wife.

"Shhh.. . everything will be fine Hon. We'll do everything to find her, I promise."

The said ICU patient, just fell asleep one day during class hour and never wake up since then. Four months passed yet his condition remained a mystery to all the medical specialists who tried to treat him.


(On the other hand, below the ICU ward in the same hospital at a Cardiologist room.)

"Your heart is healthy. Good as new, you have nothing to worry about." The Doctor gives details.

"If I have nothing to worry about then at least explain to me why my heart is aching at a certain time and day. It kills me each time it happens! After that I just break down and cry for a reason that I don't even know." The patient expressed, frustrated.

"Calm down young man, stress could be a likely reason."

"You just said the same thing like them Doc. And for the record, you are the 27th Doctor who told me that."

"But I'm not a normal doctor young man. And for the record too, I am the best one this field globally. When I said you have a healthy heart, I really mean it. You don't have a rare disease, if you wonder."

"Then what should I do?" The patient is now pleading.

"I'll prescribe you morphine and let see if it worked on you."



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