Chapter 7: "CCTV: Snake and Ladder"

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(Same day of SaTzu and DahMo drama...)

If you're wondering if the Black Swan told me her story about her mysterious guy, it's negative. And if you're also snooping about my strange attachment for her, it's confirmed. I am raising my both hands in the air, surrendering the truth that I like the Goddess Freak. And if you're hoping that I'll bet my coin to play in this dangerous game known by human nature as real affection, burn it! I won't invest to a sure failure when the outcome is practically offered. She loves someone else, she hadn't even let go of him and she's straight. For now I'll be fine taking care of her and once our deal is over, I'll do it in silence.

Haist! Slash my drama! My feeling is not the issue here. The hot seat now is her Penguin side strikes again. I think her weirdo part is scheduled to surface today. Do you want to know what does she want me to do? Remember the CCTV she bought yesterday, the two years old model type? Guess what?! She wanted me to crack the camera a bit. How weird is that? She dragged me yesterday, went to 11 stores searching for it and now that she has it, she wanted me to destroy its beauty. What kind of odd behavior is that? Tsk..tsk...tsk....

"Come on! Just do it! Please... please...."

"Aish! Okay! Okay! Stop pulling my jacket, will yah?!"

Chaeyoung reprimanded the ballerina out of fake frustration. Mina has been wrenching her coat like a kid forcing her to absorb the request.

She's cute! Stop pouting or I'll kiss those lips Ms. Myoui.

The rapper tried her hardest not to do something stupid. Upset pretension is the best camouflage to hide her tickled heart beat. Even though the complete charm reversal of the Black Swan has been bugging her mind, she shrugged it off. Where is the Ice Princess Mina? She's uncertain. It took cautious minutes to finally put the tiny crack on the camera.

"So what now?!" She showed furrow brows to complete the act.

They're now at a place where the younger girl called as the Bleeding Heart Arena. It's a rental opera house they have been setting up for days for the BVAF-Day. The other Crystalline members often help except today, they said they have a rehearsal for the play.

Mina took the CCTV in her hand and went to the ladder for installation, taking her first step when Chaeyoung cut her off.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Climbing, perhaps?!"

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