Chapter 10: "Vending Machine: Glass Wall"

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I really don't know why a vending machine is needed for a BVAF day. Is she going to give coffee to those poor hearts she'll go to break? Is that supposed to be a souvenir of cruelty or a sweet bribe? 'Cause if it's the case, then invest me with zero interest. No fools will accept such sadistic gift. Even I, won't take it.

Another thing I don't understand, if I ever be. What's up with her obsession about 2 years old stuffs? First was the CCTV and now this machine in front of me which is just a few inches taller of my height. Don't you dare mock me with the latter term? The appliance looks new though if and only if you're not observant of its scratches from the side. Based on the model type, this one is commonly located in transport places like an airport, bus or train stations.

Wait?! Train???

Chaeyoung tried to continue her trance but Mina invaded her by asking with wariness written on her face.

"Feel dizzy again?"

Forty five minutes was spent since her last nausea attack outside the store, but the ballerina remained doubtful of her words each time she said her head condition is completely fine and nothing to worry about. It's true, a roller coaster or boomerang ride is nothing compared to the vertigo she feels each time her illness attacks. She doesn't know why she has this kind of sickness, all she knew, she feels dizzy instantly each time she thinks too much or an unknown scene suddenly flashes in her mind. For years, it only attacks mildly and not frequently, but for the following days she's with Mina, it often happened especially at night. It's because I've suffered from a funky drive of my emotions lately, she thought. She has lots of worries in her directory. These are just few.

Should I confess to Mina?

Would Hyung still forgive me, if she found this?

Will I be okay after everything is over in our contract?

Anyways, that's not important for now. She's grateful that the Black Swan is the one taking care of her right now.

I wonder why he left you. When he got a caring girlfriend in you? Yes, you are an equation harder than any math problem, but you are worthy to solve.

"Hey...Freshman are you okay? Can you hear me?" This time Mina confines the younger's cheeks with her warm hands upon receiving an empty response.

"Yup! I'm... o...kay." Chaeyoung stutters as her brain signals her blood to 'cause uproar with the sudden touch from the Japanese lass.

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