Chapter 17: "Her Story That I Don't Know"

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(Present...Feb. 14, past 9 a.m...)

My feet are burning the last fuel of energy left in my body. I am tired, we've been walking uphill for almost half an hour in this forest, but I am pretty sure we're not here to make some picnic or to witness any panoramic view. It's not that I hate walking as it is a form of exercise, what I hate is that quiet and cold air circling between us. Her warm hand is seducing my cold hand with some accidental contact, but holding them is a luxury I forbid myself to enjoy. I still remember that I was the one who had given up that right.

"I know you hate me for breaking up with you, but I don't think it was enough for you to murder me in this place."

She stopped her track the moment she heard my protest and finally glance my way. Her eyes are too stern that I feel like she's drilling a hole in my skull. Yet, I admit, her serious facade made me regret breaking the lover chain with her, this side of her is just too hot. For Godsake Momo! Calm down your tits!

Anyway, save my drool later, let's go back to the dumbest assumption my idiot mind can come up with. Blamed that fucking serial killer movie I watched last night. I was so bored from my lonely broken heart that I made myself believe that I am brave enough to watch it. Now if you haven't seen a raccoon with punching eye bags feel free to take a picture of me. Yes, you read it right, 'punching' eye bags because my eye bags look like a punching bag right now. And I don't think I still need to discuss that falling asleep was impossible for me last night due to that movie, didn't I?

Ok, now let me explain my side before you (readers) burst out laughing because of my stupid theory. I know I am stupid, so you don't have to remind me about how unfortunate is my poor brain. First, the forest we're ambling is a secluded property. No other soul is lurking, the place is far from the road, which explicate why we have been walking for almost thirty minutes. And this area is surrounded with big old trees, some look artistically created by nature while some look creepy as if it was designed by dark forces. I can hear noises from birds giving me the safe ambiance, however, the undefined sound coming from nearby is molding bloody scenarios in my mind. This is kinda similar to what I had seen in that movie where the killer slay and buried his victims. And besides, I don't see any other reason for coming up here. We hadn't talked for weeks since the break up and suddenly she showed her face and asked me to be in this place, why is that?

****Thomp thomp****

She said nothing and continues walking as if I didn't exist. This eagle I swear...

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