Chapter 11.1: "Rainbow in Underpass"

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Chapter 2: "Train: Stop Me!"
Chapter 3: "Coffee-Bleacher: Warm and Cold"
Chapter 7: "CCTV: Snake and Ladder"
Chapter 10: "Vending Machine: Glass Wall"

Now you will know why those terms existed in the titles :D


There are two souls resting in one bed under the winter vapor of the night's weather. One soul is roving the dreamland while the other is admiring the cutie cub beside her. It can be that Mina hasn't recognized that the clock had eaten 3 hours since she began her mission to memorize each angle of Chaeyoung's face. Although nobody told her to do that Old Chestnut way of staring, but we can't tame the Black Swan, it's her own way of saying how badly she misses the person.

Cuddling the younger one is so pricey for her at the moment, she doesn't want to disrupt the depth and tranquility of the younger one's slumber. The rapper is fully unconscious to the detail that she is currently inside the ballerina's room, laying on the bed with Mina next to her. Chaeyoung fainted in the Opera house four hours ago.

It's past 1am already yet the youngest out of the J-Trinity can't let herself enjoy the luxury of sleeping, she's too fearful that when she wakes up the next day, Chaeyoung was gone again just like 2 years ago.


Have you ever tried writing a letter to no one, a letter that enclosed all your emotions like anger, sadness, barrenness and loneliness? If you do then you're similar to Mina. Writing her feelings on a piece of paper serves as her noiseless yell to this cruel world. You can't blame the girl, her friends' list is empty, and her family registry is completely blank. In other word she has no one to talk to, beside a vacant chair and the cold shoulder of the wind.

Mina grew up in an orphanage in Japan, she have no friends for the people around her find her scary. She's too quiet, if not of her stand out beauty and intelligence; she'll be sure treated as invisible. She took a lot of part time jobs to make a living and get full scholarships to support her studies. Looking at the outside, she's brave and fine, but on the inside she's fearful and too vulnerable. She needs a family to call her own, friends to chit chat to and someone special who will take care of her heart and soul. But all those three were like a dream so hard to attain for her. Boys who courted her just want to get into her pants and fake friends keep approaching her. So she's left with one goal, which is to locate her family.

She travels to Korea, hoping to find her parents as the evidence pointing it but it was in vain. She's been in the foreign land for a year yet she accomplished nothing. For others, their everyday could create a colorful history, but for the Japanese beauty, her life story is nothing, but a boring gray each day. Today is not an exception and she's exhausted about her life, the destiny has been offering her zilch zone of bliss so she gives up. Don't be mistaken, she's not writing her suicide note rather she's constituting her final letter in this deaf world. If Life can't eavesdrop her sniff, then maybe it's not blind to read her letters.

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