Chapter 2: "Train: Stop Me!"

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Hours consumed, took all her teachers' lessons into waste, thinking of that perfect plan to execute for counter-attacking the ballerina's evil plan. Finally, her mind came up with a good resolution, but of course, she needs to talk with Mina first.

Huh?! She's weird... riding a train when she has a comfy car to take her home? What kind of nonsense is this? Is she completely crazy or what? I can't connect.

Chaeyoung has been following Mina since she saw her in the parking lot. The Black Swan rode her expensive car as usual, but she had wondered why the latter stopped at the train station. It may sound like stalking, but she's determined to converse the girl. She only needs the right timing. They're on commute during crest hour, so the train is full of people blocking her way to approach the ballerina. All Chaeyoung can do for now is to watch her attentively together with her favorite playlist on cue from her headphone, she's in a standing position as all seats are occupied.

(Don't be too harsh on Chaeng, thinking she can't reach the handle kekeke...)

Yah author!!!

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Fate or what but Mina on the other side is also listening to some music with her earphones attached to her ears and her eyes are both closed while leaning on a chair. Chaeyoung's dark brown orbs remain on the girl whose aura exudes class and elegance. She is humming those tracks until a certain part of a song makes her heart beat wildly.




There's a rainbow always after the rain...

The melody, that certain piece of the lyrics and the Black Swan triggered something, but her insufficient memory can't produce an accurate detail.

Heartbeat of mine, why are you like this?

She asked...

As the train reached its destination, Chaeyoung speeds up her pace, chasing her subject.

"Mina unnie!!!" She screamed, hoping to get the attention of the ballerina, but failed.

Idiot Son Chaeyoung! But of course she can't hear you. She got earphones on.

She ran and grabbed Mina's wrist.

Geez... was that voltage?!!!

Their eyes locked.



Chaeyoung can't speak. She is...



Words, where the hell are you? Geez... I know she's pretty, no, I mean, she is really pretty but... what the...? Are those butterflies? Wow, Son Chaeyoung! What a lame metaphor of yours?! Next please.... FYI conscience, blame the people who described this peculiar attraction as butterflies or slow-motion 'cause...  

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