Chapter 12.2: "The Savage List of the Sad Clown"

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Shit Trouble!!! Say bye to your clean record Chou Tzuyu.

The offender says on the back of her mind while waiting for the eyewitness to shriek as she closes her orbs, but she felt a grip on her wrist instead, dragging her into a horde of vacant computer slots. Tzuyu hates to be towed by anyone but she rather chose to be pulled here that to be sent into jail. She is grateful in that ward, although it ponders her of the stranger's gesture.

Why she didn't report me?

The back view of the stranger is the only attribute she can see currently but it's not a barrier to appreciate that the girl is indeed sexy. And yes Tzuyu is checking every inch of the stranger's back view, not for something else; it's a normal behavior of person to value a masterpiece regardless if you're a boy or a girl. But be careful with the kind of gawk you'll throw, miscue is possible.

As the girl released her grip, an eccentric feeling emerged on Tzuyu.

Am I yearning her touch?


Hearing the cute voice hauled back the tall lass from her stupor.

"It's okay to have fun, but make sure you won't make others cry."

The stranger declares in Japanese at first before she mutters it in broken English, realizing Tzuyu is a foreigner. It was a simple statement, but it rings the bell harsher in both ears of the Taiwanese lass. She may not be fluent in English, but she understands each word.

Isn't the line an exaggeration?

Soon that question is second only to her amazement for the stranger's back view is just a teaser of the girl's stunning totality.

Woahh! She's so pretty for a girl who has a squirrel like features.

Tzuyu burst to no one, didn't realize that her lips are partially opened from agape now that the stranger is facing her, presenting her a gorgeous visage. She interrupted their staring contest quickly; those striking brown eyes are murdering her sanity. They are so beautiful, she thought.

"I...." She tried to speak, but produced a sigh at the end. She can't use her savageness in a language she can't express. Neither English nor Nihongo is unknown to her likings. She badly needs the help of her friends to translate, but it's dangerous to involve them, the eyewitness still have the option to send her to jail at any moment, she prefers to be a prisoner alone. Yes, she might be savage, but she's a selfless friend.

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