Chapter 3: "Coffee-Bleacher: Warm and Cold"

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Coffee is such a great companion under breezy air. Never could I imagine that this lady beside me have the appetite of drinking such canned coffee. With her sophistication, I always thought she's the normal upper-class type who hates instant foods since they usually have chiefs at home. More surprisingly, she's the one who bought the two cans on our way here.

It's been a while yet we're both solemn as this Park where we are, and cold that the atmosphere provides. We're both sitting on a bleacher that defined classically. A horde of new chairs is on the other side yet she picked this old rusty one, maybe it means something to her or not. I don't dare to speak, not because I can't but I'm waiting for her to break the silence. It is rude to fracture the serenity of someone you'll owe a favor, right? Let her enjoy the ambiance first.

"Speak now...." Mina said.

I swear her voice is calmer than the Pacific Ocean.


That's right Son Chaeyoung! Eyes on the ground, you can do it! Say it now and please don't stutter...

She took a deep breath.

"Can you stop it?" Her eyes still fixed on the floor.

"Stop what?" Mina stares at her with unparalleled brows.

"Your plan; that bloody valentine plan of yours..." Her gaze must have been married to the ground, it remains there.

"And why would I do that?"

"It's not healthy to hurt the innocent heart of those people."

Mina chuckled. Chaeyoung quirked, tossing an intense glance at her.

"Innocence applies only to kids not with grownups who understand how the world works Freshman."

Woah! She's indeed a sly fox. Lord, can I have a wild card here? You left me with no choice. Chaeyoung butting the air.

"Then can you at least spare my Hyung?"

The Black Swan raised her brow; the opposite comprehended what it meant.

"Yoo Jeongyeon... she's the..."

"I know her." Mina cut her off.


"But I don't invest in anything without profits. What will I get in return if I entertain your request?"

Opss... I didn't expect that!

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