Chapter 19.2: "Next: Tears for the Tear"

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It was....


The guy who saved the lives of my parents from an accident years ago before I was born. I wonder where on earth he could be right now? And I pray that he's still alive, so that I can personally thank him on behalf of my parents and that is if fate allowed me to meet him someday. My parents never had the chance to express their gratitude towards him. He vanished right after the accident occurred. And I also hope that...

"Are you with me, my Princess?" She snapped back to reality when her father tapped her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Dad. I was just thinking about something."

"I see. Anyway, let's go downstairs before your Mom bombard us with her annoying voice again."

That was the cue for her to smile widely. The tsundere side of her father always emerged when it comes to her mom.

"Stop lying to yourself, Dad. You love hearing that annoying voice 24/7 kekeke..."

"That wasn't true. I just don't like missing it when she's not around. In other words, I just got used to it. Loving and being accustomed are two different things."

"Being accustomed is an acceptance. And acceptance is part of loving someone unconditionally."

"Stop right there, my Princess. This is not the right time for a long debate. The anaconda in my stomach needs it ration right now so go..." Her father gently pushed her to the door of her bathroom. "...and fix your face. Having a sexy brain is nice, but don't go wasting the good looking genes that I bestowed you. No wonder you're still a single."

"Excuse me Dad. But you are the reason why I'm still single. You're basically threatening all my suitors."

"Those bastards don't deserve you in the first place. If a person really loves you, he will do anything to get my approval, because you are worthy of that effort."

"Whatever you say, Dad."

"Trust me, the right one will come to fix you. If he didn't then maybe he wasn't born in this lifetime."

"Wow, Dad! Thanks for the cheer. I really appreciate it." The ink of sarcasm was printed in the tone she used.

"You're welcome!" Her father proudly said, obviously to irk her.

"Maybe I really need to call Mom." She threatened with a smirk pasted on her gorgeous face.

"Geez, I'm going now. Bye."

"Dad, don't forget to lock the door." Though it was meant to be a request, it was more like a follow up tease for her father, since the latter wasn't a fan of following orders. Even her mom needs to evolve her tricks for her dad to tag along. This childish argument between them is a setup created by her father to make her laugh when she is dreary like today and she's always thankful about it. Although once the presence of her father no longer lingered in the room. The unbearable sorrow that was forgotten for a bit had returned to its finest. She doesn't need a Michelangelo or Picasso to paint the glum reflecting in her eyes, a typical painter would do a good job. That's how clearly her pair of sight broadcasting the sadness in front of the sink mirror.

'Maybe he wasn't born in this lifetime...'

Her father is sometimes too straightforward with his statement. Why did he have to remind her of her greatest fear? She hated the idea of being alone all her life. Someday, she knew that her parents have to go and left her even if she doesn't want to and even if they don't want to. People come and go in this world. No person can live happily all by himself/herself. Everyone needs a companion as they walk the rough road of life.

"You are here right? You are here somewhere in this lifetime of mine. Please don't let me live in this world all by myself."

Like a letter with the address 'TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN', she's hoping that her plea will reach the ears of whoever is the right one for her. The person assigned by fate to make her feel complete. We often called this person as a soulmate.

"I will wait for you." She expressed along with the fresh tears that were escaping from her eyes.

Waiting for someone and the fear of being alone, those feelings has been strongly attached to her heart but she can't identify as to why. Perhaps there are stories in our life that wasn't written today, but was hidden somewhere in our yesterday.

to continue....  

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