Chapter 1: "Headphone: Hear Me Not"

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"Is there a superior term than 'Goddess'?"

Here we go again, this Hyung of mine spazzing in her fantasy over the famous girl in our campus known as the Black Swan. To be frank, it was also an intrigue to me on why do I find her more dazzling than Natalie Portman? It could be her demure when she sways her hand in the air accompanied by the sublime melody or perhaps the subtle aura she produces, exposing the mixture of innocence and a sly fox? I really don't know, I'm quite idiotic in such puzzle but one thing is for sure... she's making the boys cray for her attention and please include the girls too. Yup, you heard me right! Even the girls have a massive crush on her. The probability as to what extent the girls are willing to open their gay closet for her is 100%. As evidence, I present to you my Hyung, and yup she's a girl. Her name is Jeongyeon, we're not blood-related, but I treat her like a sibling as she does the same to me. She was once a hundred percent sure that she's straight until that ballerina girl named Myoui Mina appeared in her existence. It turned her world upside down. And now she's trash enough to sneak in or skip classes each time the alluring girl have ballet practice just like this very moment. I'm cool with it though except for a fact that she keeps me drag along. That ain't totally cool bro!

Yo! Baby Cub! Kindly inform the Ostrich to get her ass in the Auditorium now. Tnx & Bye!

Jihyo unnie texted me, our responsible Student Council President. And believe me or not, as If you can do something about it, this Mina's fangirl beside me is, unfortunately, our Vice President. My Hyung is technically smart, just dumb when it comes to the Black Swan. Readers, please assure me that this is our dark little secret or else, she'll probably choke me to death kekeke...

I told Jeongyeon about the meeting and I think she forgot to inform me that her best friend is Houdini. She disappeared as if a magic spell was cast just like that. So the ending, I'm the only one left here and I hate it! People might get the wrong impression that I'm the one who is eager to get the attention of the attractive Japanese girl. What the heck Son Chaeyoung?!!! Did you just call her attractive? Erase it! Gotta go now before someone sees me.

Why do you keep pushing me away from your heart?

Just tell me honestly that you want my heart

Although I'm young and foolish....

(Chaeyoung's rap part in Daring Woman)

Aish! I hope the ballerina girl didn't hear my ring tone. Stupid Chaeyoung, why did you forget to silent mode your phone?! Too late for self-reprimand, the Black Swan is going in my direction, better hide now.

Chaeyoung managed to conceal herself successfully as Mina couldn't find the owner of the tone she just heard a few minutes ago. While holding her breath the rapper took a glimpse of her phone, finding the guilty party of the phone call.

Kindly remind me to kill Nayeon unnie once this is over. She cries out in silence. And thank God for the broken bulb, sometimes darkness is a friend.

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