Chapter 11.3: "Rainbow in Underpass"

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For you I managed to endure the thousand pains of needles inside my chest. Longing your presence next to mine is a poison I constantly drank every day. Yes, it may be a toxin that kills my breathing, but it is also the vitamin I need to keep me revive. I died everytime you failed to show yourself in the subway, but you are my oxygen tank of hope. I know you'll come back to me one day, because it was you who made that promise.

Tears travel on the Black Swan's visage, reminiscing the yesteryear is an old picture faded by time yet the journal behind will linger a classic history. It could be a funny story of comedy or a sad tale of tears in a tragedy. Lucky for Mina, it was a tragedy at first, but in the end, her love story is a romantic comedy. A happy ending with Chaeyoung around her, this is what she deems.

Thank you for returning in my arms... my Rainbow in underpass...

She has a lot to tell on her mind, but her phone began to play the role of a villain by suddenly vibrating. The elegant Black Swan took it from her lamp table and proceeds to the balcony of her room. Disturbing her sleeping cub is out of the diagram.

"Hello Nayeon unnie!"

"Yah Mina! Why didn't you tell me about your plan with Cubby? I could have helped you guys. How is she?"

I can't unnie, you're part of the plan.

"Sorry unnie but I don't want to bother you. You have your own problem to deal with and Fres... I mean Chaeyoung is fine, she's still asleep."

"At least you should have told me about your relationship with Cubby. Gosh! I feel so oblivious with my surroundings."

Yes, you are unnie, you didn't even realize that your Friend of Mine is in love with you also for the past six years.

Mina knew this secret of Nayeon when the bunny girl told her once while the girl was drunk one night.

To be fair, everyone can tell she had a special feeling for her bestfriend. The way Nayeon look at Jeongyeon is the same way I look at Chaeyoung. The discrepancy as the bunny thinks, hers is unrequited love while mine was forgotten love. Yes, I used was, my hope still intact that my Freshman remembers everything about us the moment she wakes up. It's funny that only me and Jihyo know the hide and seek feelings of 2yeon. They're both stubborn and dense.

"Mina, you still there?!"

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