Chapter 15: "Lies and Replies"

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You don't have to come back in my life.

Just come back......that will do.




... a year ago... exactly five years ago from the present...

(Speaking Japanese)

"Wake up Jeong! The patient's mom is coming, you need to go." A nurse interrupted her sleep. Nayeon's room is on the fourth floor, the security guards at the entrance are their warning buzzer. They have been doing this for a year already. Jeongyeon make sure that Nayeon is treated like a VIP patient so she came every night.

"Ok, what time is it?"

"It's time for you to go home before they discover that a stranger in their knowledge is taking care of their daughter."

She tossed an ok sign while doing some light stretch.

"And give your dad a call. Dr. Yoo (Jeong's uncle/the owner of the hospital) instructed me to tell you."

"Shoot! Bye bye! Please take care of her for me."

"You don't have to inform us everytime. Geez, you're such a love sick ostrich! Your Japanese is getting better by the way."

"I know right kekeke... Wait! I forgot to kiss my sleeping beauty."

The nurse just rolled her eyes, it's not new to her sight. Like the usual, Jeongyeon gently kiss Nayeon's forehead but what came next is fully shocking. The bunny girl who has been sleeping for years, suddenly open her eyes.

"Nurse Takahashi, Nayeon is awake. Call the doctor, quick!"




'Few more days and you will go home. Congratulation Ms. Im.' Finally, I had been waiting to hear those sweet words for the last three months, my freedom is around the corner, I miss Canada but I miss Korea more, I can't wait to go home. I still couldn't believe that I slept for three years and survived the accident, but I couldn't believe further that my bratty Cubby is now a girl and nicer. Don't even ask me if I understood that XXXY syndrome without a glitch because I am not. All I know is that she's a boy and a girl at the same time. Her outside appearance looks like a girl, but her thing is still of a boy, let's end it like that, no more query. My brain still recovering some of my lost memories, exposing it to deep analysis is no good. I couldn't even remember what we were talking about before the accident happened, I tried to ask Cubby (Chaeng/Kameko) about it but she told me it's not important. I let it pass, she's probably right, it's nothing. But there's a question I can't forego, what does she look like, the anonymous friend I met months before the accident, when I was admitted to a hospital in Korea due to ulcer? Where are you now, kiddo? I know you visited me. And I know that it was you who kissed me. My eyes were blurry at that moment, so I didn't see your face clearly.

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