Chapter 8.1: "The Suspects"

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The sound of text alerts on her phone woke up the napping Chaeyoung. She was dead tired from lacked of sleep due to school projects. She can only do them at night as Mina always consumed her day time. The rapper fell asleep while doing some paper works in their School's Art Room. Speaking of the Black Swan, she sent a message.

3pm sharp @ canteen. See u there Freshman...

Direct and simple, that's Mina's style of texting. If she wants to say something longer, she calls.

Feet of mine, good luck again.

Chaeyoung groans expecting another mile of walking as the ballerina for sure will find another weird thing around the city. On the contrary, beneath her heart, a happy thought plaster a smile on her face.

It's okay though, if walking a thousand miles means holding your hand for a couple of hours, I'll gladly take it. Geez! That's too cheesy of me.

For days Chaeyoung tried to figure out Mina's reason about the said contact but ended up in vain. She settled with the reason that maybe it's the Black Swan's habit towards her friends, but she has yet to see Mina holding the hand of at least a Crystalline member. They are the closest friends she knows about the Japanese girl. But so far, even that is a failure. She once asked Tzuyu about it.

"Mina is allergic to skinship."

That answer just added a spice to Chaeyoung's curiosity. The behavior of Mina is a puzzle so hard to decode for the rapper. Does Mina like me?This question already arrived in her psyche, but she can't erase the fact that the ballerina has someone else in her heart. She even begs a million times to him in her sleep. Shedding tears, each time she remembers him. Clearly, the conclusion of her hypothesis is a big 'NO!' As to why Mina treats her differently compared to others might be a question included in a cold case describe as "the unsolved mysteries". Don't even try to remind her about the almost kiss in the opera house. It was part of Mina's tease tool. She mocks her big time with it.


"I thought you're straight, but it seems you're not." The smirk is back on Mina's face deriding the rapper.

Nobody informed me that a smirk could look so good on her.

Definitely, Chaeyoung would choose to lie to catapult her embarrassment. Everyone does, right?

"Wow! Where is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty thingy? Don't be too full of yourself Ms. Myoui. I was just trying to remove the dirt in your face. Kissing you? That's nowhere to be found in my bucket list."

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