Chapter 4: "11th Store: Language of the Other Side"

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I think there was an error regarding the profile of Crystalline members. It was clearly stated that Sana is the 4D girl in the group, but to my dismay it seems not. The girl in front of me who is busy finding a certain model of CCTV set was more superior than Sana when it comes to being a weirdo. Like seriously, this is the 11th store we went and wasted 4 hours looking for a 2 year old model CCTV type. Why finding an old one when new models have the best video definition and qualities? She is so strange. I just hope that this CCTV existed in this store right now or else good luck to me. Feel free to send your sympathy card & flowers for my RIP feet :(

"Let's go, Freshman!" Mina said and walked past her. She has a paper bag in her hand, which the rapper assumed that inside it was the newly bought CCTV set.

Thank God! Chaeyoung popped a grateful sigh after and is waiting for Mina to hand her the paper bag but the ballerina continues her walking instead. It wondered the young girl as she thought her obligation today is to be her baggager yet she kept the question to herself as the Black Swan didn't entertain any of her inquiries minutes ago.

Don't be misguided, Mina was not giving me a cold shoulder. She's just picky when answering questions. Perhaps she doesn't like it when people intrude her privacy, especially if you're not even under the description of her so called 'close friend'. And besides, we're like mind readers both are less talkative yet still understand each other. I don't know why, but we click with simple expressions and with quick glances we can communicate. I can understand her as she can understand me, both Nayeon unnie and Dahyun unnie told me that our label is called SOULMATE. Yup your thinking was correct, for the past days being with Mina, I've become close with the other Crystalline members. Dahyun is the closest to me, ironic isn't it? She was the one who suggested that Bloody Valentine thing. The main reason why I'm under Mina's spell. Life is truly surprising, don't you think? Of course, no else knows our deal.

Although I still can't comprehend this Black Swan's eccentric behavior which I called by the way as her Penguin side. She's okay, she may not be sweet, but not salty either, she is innocent yet sneaky. She is in the middle of these mixtures. Speaking of mental ...

"Let's eat. I'm hungry as you are. There's a cafeteria on the third floor is that okay with you?"

I told yah! We connect. I haven't informed her about my growling stomach, but she detected it already. That 'Soulmate Radar' must be at its finest. I put my yes cue by dipping my head twice.

"Leggo." (Let's go) Mina uttered. Wow, she knows some hip word! That's cool!

She quickly grabbed my wrist and tagged me along. If you asked me if the voltage was still in attendance? Of course the answer is yes, but I already learned how to control my senses because she always does this to me. Maybe I got used to it. I was too occupied with my cogitation that it took me minutes to realize that she's not dragging me by wrist anymore but by our intertwine hands. Seriously? This weird girl has no idea how she loaded my heart with hesitation each time she locks our hands like this. If Hyung saw this scenario, I'll be in trouble. I know that for sure, but why I am letting her? I can't connect the dots. All I know is that I am comfortable with her touch. Perhaps, it was her gentleness, her warmth or... Aish! I really don't know. I think this attachment doesn't exist in the dictionary yet. If it was, then kindly shower me with some mastery. Anyway, I blame myself as I was the one who started holding her hand.

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