Chapter 14: "Sunshine in Four Corners"

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I expected her uproar, but she's a great friend. Way back ago, she can't even speak Korean, we have to use those sign languages or whatever it is called for her to be able to understand us. She's our Japanese import, my diagonal open spiker, the assistant captain of the team and my roommate in the dorm. She's a great athlete, but at the same time, a great player... of hearts. I can't count how many girl's hearts she breaks and exactly many liter of tears flooded our dorm. Yep, she's into girls, even though her appearance doesn't look like a les, and her love of Barbie dolls and color pink is unrivaled, she's into the same gender. Girls will go cray for her when she dances, she's the best of it. And if you wonder if there was a time I fell into her trap? The answer is no, yes, she's hot, cute and sweet, but I can only manage to love her as a sibling... as a friend. Maybe because I'm too occupied with my love in volleyball or perhaps because I know that behind her smirk is longing, longing of someone... someone who broke her heart. I tried to ask her about this person, but she keeps insisting that there's no one like that in her life, no one had broke her heart, saying I'm just delusional. Nevertheless, this fool cannot fool me, the two windows of her soul is opposing the excuses of her lips. She's in love... she really loves her but I don't know her name. However, I can tell that this person is related to piano. My Japanese friend is neither a pianist nor a fan of piano piece yet her hidden playlist is full of it. I saw her silent tears for countless times already. She must have missed her so much. I won't buy the smile she's wearing as long as her eyes are telling me the otherwise.

"Please Momo, answer me. I need to know. Who won?"

I begged her. She looked at me for a while, seems contemplating if she'll answer the question. But what she did not know, even if she refused, the posture of her brows already gave me the response.

"I get it, we're still the bridesmaid, not the bride of the sport, are we?"

Her gaze immersed on the floor.

"I'm sorry. We lost by three points."

I hate to cry in front of people, but sometimes, a pain is more dominant than an ego. They won't listen to me.... these glum fluids running on my cheeks.

"Hey, don't cry, you're still the season MVP no matter what."

But I'm not a hypocrite.

"I'd prefer a championship cup for the team than an MVP trophy on my own. Everyone is expecting us to win this year. This is my fault if I didn't commit such mistake, we could have won."

"It's okay, captain, we can try again next year. Cheer up now, I will introduce you to some hot chicks once you're completely healed."

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