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Auston's POV:

After a disastrous game against the Kings, we arrived back in Toronto. The only one that really talked to me on the flight back was Morgan. I got a few responses from Mitch but knew he was disappointed as Steph basically ignored my entire existence after the game. When we got back I went to talk to Coach Babcock about some pluses from the game when I heard him talking on the phone with someone.

"No, no she's a great reporter. She's been with us for four years. Trust me you aren't the only team taking an interest in her. I'll be sure to tell Brynn that another offer has arrived. Alright. Take care now."

I stepped back from the closed door and leaned against it. Freddie was right. I went to the lockerroom and saw Morgan. "Hey Auston. You're early."

I gave him a nod. "Are we getting a new reporter?"

He nodded. "Yeah. His name is Mark I believe."

"What about Brynn?"

He shrugged. "I think she is gonna take up an offer from St. Louis. That's what I've heard at least."

He grabbed his phone and gave me a smile walking out of the lockerroom. I followed him but took a turn heading for the hospitality room. I found Brynn grabbing a cup of coffee. "You're leaving?"

I startled her with my question but she recovered and looked back at her cup of coffee. "Yeah. Got an offer from Los Angeles. It would've been too good to pass up."

I nodded. "I'm going to miss you."

She laughed. "Don't. Don't do that Auston. Don't try and guilt trip me into staying. You made the decision to sleep with someone else. It's not my fault you couldn't handle a more mature relationship."

I sighed. She pushed past me. "Excuse me. I have work to attend to. I'm only here for another week and a half. So try not to ruin it."

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