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Brynn's POV:

I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed. I had on black skinny jeans, knee high boots, a white-fitted long sleeve v-neck shirt, and a red flannel wrapped around my waist. Auston never told me how I was supposed to dress nevertheless I was meeting his family for the first time so either way I would've dressed up. I turned to Elle and looked at her.

"Well what do you think?" She just cocked her head at me. "Be honest!"

I shook my head and turned back around. You're stressing out so much about this you're turning to your one year old daughter who is barely talking I thought to myself. I heard a knock at my door and I walked over to answer it. Auston stood outside my door wearing an outfit that almost complimented mine. He had his hair slicked back while wearing black knee ripped skinny jeans and a white t shirt. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "You look absolutely beautiful."

I sighed. "You never gave me a word on how I was supposed to dress so I just spent almost the entire day stressing out about what to wear."

He laughed and walked past me to pick up Elle. I grabbed my phone off the charger and turned to look at him. "Did you fine a babysitter?"

I nodded at him and right on cue Steph walked through the door. "Okay!" She clapped excitedly. "Where's the cutie?"

Auston stood up and handed Elle to Steph. He looked between the two of us. "Since when are you two friends?"

She laughed. "If you wouldn't have been ignoring your best friend for the past week and a half then you would know that we've hung out almost everyday."

He frowned and looked at me. "Mitch is a lifesaver for freeing up his schedule to allow Steph to babysit."

She laughed. "Of course I made him clear up our plans. I had to spend time with this little one."

Elle giggled and clapped. "Well I believe you two have a dinner to get to, so go have fun."

I silently thanked Steph and let Auston lead the way to his car. After a solid ten minutes of nothing but laughing at Auston telling me his lifetime story so his sisters don't embarrass him we finally pulled into the driveway of his home. I stared at the house and sighed feeling utterly nervous. Auston reached over and squeezed my hand. "Their gonna love you Brynn."

I smiled at him and got out. He walked over to my side and laid another kiss on my forehead to calm me down. I heard the door open and close and saw a girl who looked a little like Auston standing outside the door. "Breyana you couldn't wait until I got inside?"

The girl laughed. "I had to see which girl you guilt tripped into dating you this time."

I laughed at what she said and she smiled at me. "I'm Breyana. The youngest Matthews sibling. And the smartest and the best and the-"

"Okay brat we get it." Breyana pinched her brother in the arm and turned back to me.

"I'm Brynn." She raised her eyebrows at me and turned back to Auston. He groaned.

"This is the legendary Brynn? Well, well, well you actually did good this time." She turned back to me again. "How much did he pay you?"

"Breyana stop that!" A woman who was just a tad bit shorter walked out of the house and Auston smiled down at me and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me into his side.

"I'm Ema. I'm Auston's mother. You must be Brynn."

I smiled at her. "Yes that would be me. It's a pleasure to meet you. I know I haven't been inside yet but you have a lovely home."

She gave me a smile and looked up at her son. "I like her Auston."

He blushed and looked elsewhere before I was pulled inside by the Breyana. "I'm still convinced that he paid you. You're way out of my brothers league."

I giggled and walked with her and saw another girl talking with an older guy who I assumed was Auston's father. "Guys this is Auston's girlfriend Brynn."

Girlfriend. He hadn't even asked me out yet. I kept it to myself though. The girl turned to me and didn't smile or hold her hand out. She looked me up and down and turned away from me to walk further into the kitchen. I frowned and felt an arm go around my waist. "Don't worry about her. She is just over protective of me."

I nodded at the sound of Auston's voice. "I'm Brian. It's nice to meet you."

Auston's dad smiled at me and gave me hug. He handed some silverware to Auston and Ema looked at me. "Are you handy in the kitchen sweetheart?"

I nodded. "My mother had me cooking since I've been ten years old."

She smiled and led me into the kitchen. The girl from earlier didn't look up and continued to stir the pot that she was watching. Ema handed me some stuff for a salad and let me do that. She walked out and left us alone. "So what exactly do you want with my brother?"

I was startled by the question. "I'm sorry?"

She scoffed. "You aren't the first girl that's been so eager to meet the Matthews family. He's a Calder trophy winner and a superstar athlete. Of course someone like you is into him."

"What do you mean someone like me?"

She laughed and shook her head. "Exactly my point."

I felt the tears prick at my eyes and went to walk out when I hit Auston's chest. "If you're done attacking her Alex I'd like you to know that she didn't even know who I was when she first met me. Brynn has her own job that she got on her own with the Maple Leafs organization. She is beautiful and smart and charismatic. You seem to be the only one who doesn't like her and you don't even know her. So back off."

His sister looked at him shocked and just stood there. He pushed her out of the kitchen and took her spot by the pot. "I'm sorry about her."

I looked at him and he just continued to look down. "It's okay. Really."

He nodded and his mother walked into the kitchen. "Okay you two. Time to eat!" She said smiling at us.

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