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Auston's POV:

I continued to drag around the store as Jordyn weaved herself in between aisles looking for the perfect outfit for whatever she thought we were doing tonight. I finally convinced her to let me sit down while she ran around and she luckily agreed. I took a seat near the dressing rooms knowing that she would be headed over this way soon with an armful of clothing. I sat on my phone not paying attention to her at all as she came out every time to show me different outfits. I heard the door open again but before I had a chance to say the same phrase I had been saying for over two hours, I looked up and caught a glimpse of the most adorable baby ever. I looked around the store and got worried as no one was screaming and looking for their lost child.

"Hi gorgeous." The little girl gave me a big grin and giggled.

I cracked a smile before I heard footsteps coming towards me. "Elle Lively you can't just go running off like that. Someone could take you!"

I looked up and made contact with the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen. A girl who looked too young to have a child came out of the dressing room in white, ripped, high waisted jeans and a olive green knot-tied crop top. She had long brown hair with blonde streaks and sun kissed tan skin that complimented her everything. She picked up the little girl and looked at me with a smile to die for.

"I'm so sorry about her," she said in the sweetest voice ever. "She runs off all the time. She acts like she is an independent woman."

I chuckled and smiled back. Her cheeks bloomed in a light shade of pink at the sound of my laugh. "No it's okay. I have two sisters. I can promise you both of them were like that when they were little."

She laughed and nodded. She held out her hand to me as she held the baby tightly against her hip. "I'm Brynn. Brynn Valentine. This is my daughter Elle!"

Daughter? At her age. She looks so young though! I regained my thoughts quickly and introduced myself. "I'm Auston. Auston Matthews."

She raised an eyebrow at my name and I mentally cursed myself for giving it away. "Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Well I'm a huge fan. If I may ask, what is the Maple Leafs rising star doing in a women's department store?"

I laughed silently and went to speak up before Jordyn reared into the conversation. "He is helping his GIRLFRIEND pick out an outfit for their date tonight."

Brynn turned toward the voice and gave Jordyn a small smile. "Oh hello. I'm Brynn. This is my daughter Elle."

Jordyn eyed Brynn up and down before giving her a sly remark. "Cute baby. Couldn't be yours."

I put my hand over my face, feeling completely embarrassed at this point, but Brynn just laughed at the comment.

"Haha. How mature. Is this how you act towards everyone? Because if so, I would hate to be the one that has to be around you 24/7."

I covered my mouth with my hand as I tried to stifle my laugh. Jordyn looked at Brynn with wide eyes then at me for help. I just shrugged and looked towards the ground. Brynn shook her head and bent down to grab her bags. She stood back up, this time facing me and gave me another million dollar smile. "Thank you for being so kind Auston! It's obviously rare these days. Maybe I'll see you around."

She walked up to me and gave me faint kiss on the cheek she turned to Jordyn, gave her a smile, and walked to the checkout area. I followed her with my eyes before Jordyn stepped into my eyesight. She narrowed her eyes at me. "What the hell?"

I scrunched up my nose in confusion. "What?"

She huffed and ignored me, walking back into the dressing room. I turned back to the checkout area but was met with an empty reception desk. I sighed and sat back down, trying drastically to get Brynn out of my head.

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