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Auston's POV:

I walked into the ACC feeling confident about this game. As I rounded the corner of the long hall I spotted Brynn and smiled to myself. My smile faltered when I saw she was interviewing Morgan. I stopped and stared for a moment before Morgan caught my stare and narrowed his eyes at me before focusing back on the questions Brynn was asking him. I stared at them for a moment longer before walking towards the locker room. I quietly passed by some of the other guys and sat down in my stall, plugging in my headphones and turning on my music so I could tune people out. I started to put my gear on before I caught the door swing open from the corner of my eye. I adverted my attention to everywhere except the angry Morgan that just came into the locker room. I continued to listen to my music and ignore everyone knowing fully well that the only reason Mo hadn't said anything to me yet was because he was more worried about the game right now. I was so engulfed in my thought that I didn't see Freddie sit down and try to talk to me. He pulled my phone out of my hands, yanking my headphones out in the process. I turned to him while rubbing my ears.

"A little warning would be nice. Jesus!" Freddie was surprised by my outburst as were the rest of my teammates who were staring at me.

I looked around and put me head down. I heard some of them head out to the ice to warm up. All except Freddie. I stared at him as he made his way back over to my stall. He looked at me for a minute before grabbing his phone and typing something in. He showed it to me and I gave him a confused look. It was a picture from Jordyn's instagram. A picture from the off-season.

"Don't let Mo's bad attitude about you and Brynn lead you back to this. I know I haven't played with you that long but I've hung around you and Mitch to know when you aren't happy. I'm not a relationship guru, but I know that Brynn makes you happy. I can tell. So don't lose her." He patted me on the back and threw on his jersey before walking out to the ice.

I sat in my stall for a while longer before throwing on the rest of my gear and waiting for them to just come back into the locker room. Morgan came in last with a smile on his face as Freddie was in front of him. They looked like they had a good conversation. I just hope I wasn't the topic. Coach gave us a good speech as we headed to the ice for pregame ceremonies. I stared at the ice in front of me before looking throughout the crowd. My eyes fell on Brynn who had a disgusted look on her face as she tried to ignore the ongoing pulls coming from Ottawa's Derick Brassard. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes keeping my focus on the ice.

As the game went on, I continued to shoot daggers at Brassard. I finally got my chance at him when our lines were put on the ice together. He was advancing the puck down the ice and as soon as he passed it away I took a shot at him. I heard a chorus of oohs from the crowd and loud cheering as I got pushed back by another Ottawa player. The linesman stepped in and assessed me my penalty. I got sent to the locker room for a major penalty. I walked back as Brassard sat on the bench and just smiled. I pushed through the doors, ripping of my jersey and my top gear, throwing it on the floor. I sat down and continued to breath heavy before I heard the door open and close quietly. I didn't look up as I was expecting it to be my coach. I kept my head down ready to get yelled at before I felt a hand on my shoulder and felt my face get turned toward another. I came face to face with Brynn and she just looked at me. I sighed. "I'm sorry Brynn."

She laughed. "Auston I'm not mad at you. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

I stared at her for a moment. "He was bothering me."

"Derick Brassard was bothering me if we are being totally honest. That doesn't mean I need you getting suspended to defend me." I rolled my eyes.

"Brynn it wasn't just the things he was doing to you before the game. It was the stuff he was saying to me while he skated past the bench and the stuff he was saying during warmups to the guys. They told me what he said. That's why I did what I did."

She looked shocked. I leaned my forehead against hers and gave her a kiss. She pulled back and smiled. "My parents are here."

My eyes widened. "What? W-why?"

She giggled at my reaction. "They know I've been seeing someone so they came here hoping to meet him. I told them he works with me."

I laughed at her. "I guess I'll meet them."

She smiled at me. "Thank you Auston. Now when your penalty is over just go out there and play hockey. And screw Derick Brassard!"

I let out a loud laugh. "Screw Derick Brassard."

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