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Brynn's POV:

Incoming Call from
Accept | Decline

"Auston and Jordyn broke up."

I let out a breathy laugh.

"Hi Freddie. I'm good. Thanks for asking."

"Screw you Valentine. The kid finally realized his mistake."

I nodded my head. "That's good. Hopefully he makes his next girlfriend happier and doesn't cheat this time."

He scoffed. "You aren't going to give him another chance are you?"

I sighed. "As of right now, I'm super happy with where I'm at. Elle is in a good daycare. My job keeps me with her more often. Plus have you seen Alec Martinez? He isn't too bad to look at."

"Okay first off ew. I don't need to hear about your sex life with the Kings star defenseman. Second off, I'm not saying you have to end what you have there. At least forgive Matts. The kid has done nothing but focus on hockey since he ended things with Jordyn and whether you want to admit or not, you know he ended things because he still loves you. And I know you still love him."

I stayed silent as Freddie awaited my answer on the other line. Before I could speak I heard another voice on the line.

"Hiiiiiii Brynnnnnn."

I smiled at the sing song tone.

"Hi Mitchy." I replied back.

He sighed contently. "I love it when you call me that."

"Easy Marns. Steph would kill me."

He laughed at my statement.

"How is my niece? I'm sure she misses her favorite uncle." he said with the upmost confidence.

I replied with a smart remark.

"You're absolutely right Mitch. She does miss her favorite uncle. Tell Naz to give me a call so she can talk to him soon."

I heard Freddie laugh as Mitch yelled out expletives.

"Brynn seriously though," Freddie said in a serious tone. "Just think about what I said. I know you say you are happy there but how can you be sure?"

I watched my door open and close as Alec walked in with Elle sitting on his shoulders. He gave me a smile as he walked past me and up the stairs to her room. I smiled to myself.

"Don't worry about me here Freddie. I've never been happier," As I said this Alec walked back down the stairs and into the dining room where I was standing. He put his arm around my waist and laid a kiss on my head. "And who knows, this lifestyle of mine here in LA may become permanent real soon." I said as stared into Alec's eyes

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