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Brynn's POV:

I laughed as Elle ran around the empty living room as Alec's dog Hank chased her.

"Elle be careful not to slip babe." She continued to run around when I felt someone sit next to me on the stairs.

"She is a bundle of energy that one." I laughed at his comment.

"Thank you for coming to help. It was very appreciated." He smiled at me.

"Of course. Didn't have anything better to do. Besides paying movers to set everything up is crazy expensive." I nodded.

"Good thing I have a Hockey Player to help me out." He nodded and smirked.

He looked back into the living room as it was the last room to be unpacked and settled as Elle tried to find some crevice of some sort to hide in or behind to keep away from the dog. I continued to watch her before Alec spoke up again.

"If you don't mind me asking, was Auston the reason you left Toronto or did something else push you to leave?" I frowned at his question.

"I'm sorry. It's not my business to ask. You don't have to answer it." He came back.

"No it's okay. It wasn't just because of Auston. When my brother and I were growing up my mom always had this dream planned out in her head of how my brother and I would live our lives. She instilled in us everyday by putting us in these private studies schools so we could study only the courses we needed for the exact job my mom wanted us to have. My brother went behind my moms back and dropped out of the studies school and forged her signature to attend a public school. She didn't find out until graduation day. She was pissed to say the least. She hasn't talked to him since. She pretty much disowned him." Alec continued to stare at me anticipating my next part of the story.

"My mom kept a close eye on me after that. She made sure the only school I sent letters to was University of Toronto. She pushed me to date the star of their basketball team. That's how I met Elle's dad who is also named Austin. I thought we were in love but truly we were better as friends. We found that out soon after Elle's birth. My mom wasn't happy about us breaking up. She kind of pulled through when I graduated for Journalism and broadcasting. She continued to push me to get a job with the Maple Leafs. I finally got it. Worked there for the next four years. Met Auston, told my parents and of course my mother wasn't happy. Then we had that messy breakup and now I'm here. Don't get me wrong I loved working the the Leafs. I made friendships that I'm never ever going to regret making. But I wanted to leave long before I met Auston. I wanted to live my OWN life. That's why I accepted this job. My mother doesn't know yet. She is trying to figure out why I didn't come home for Christmas though." I looked at him when I was finished and found him just staring at me. I smiled at him.

"You're a really good listener." He smiled at my comment.

"I try." He leaned in and laid a soft yet timid kiss on my lips. He pulled away.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." I giggled.

"No. It's okay." He laughed and laid his forehead against mine as we sat on the stairs for what seemed like an eternity.

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