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Auston's POV:

I looked over at Brynn as I drove out of the parking garage and frowned. She wasn't herself. I know she told me not to worry about it but it didn't help that it was bugging her all night. I decided to wait until I got her to her apartment. We pulled into her complex and she got out before I had a chance to open her door. I quickly unbuckled and opened my door closing it soon after. I jogged after her to keep up with her fast pace and grabbed her arm.

"Hey," I breathed out. "What's wrong?"

She kept her head down and mumbled out a 'nothing' almost as if she didn't want me to hear it.

"Bullshit! Tell me what's wrong." I grabbed her chin softly and forced her to look at me.

She sighed and pushed herself out of my grasp. "Do you feel like I'm corrupting you?"

I gave her a crazy look. "What are you talking about? Who put that in your head?"

She shrugged and spoke up. "It's just people have been-"

"What people?" She looked back at the ground. "Brynn what people?"

She let out a shaky sigh. "Morgan."

I leaned back and chuckled. I laid a kiss on her forehead and gave her a goodbye hug. "Tell Elle I said goodnight."

I let go of her hand and walked back to my car. "Auston wait..."

I didn't let her finish as I slammed the car door and drove off. I pulled off at a minimart and pulled out my phone. I ran through my contacts and landed on the one I was looking for.

To: captain Morgan👑

Are you home?

From: captain Morgan👑

Yeah bro! Come on over.

I threw my seat belt back on and sped out of the minimart parking lot. I sped through the Toronto streets and pulled into Morgan's driveway. I got out and walked through the door without knocking.

"Shit man didn't know we were at that level of the relationship yet!" He laughed.

I looked around and spotted Mitch on the couch. He was stuffing his face with chips and had a soda in his hand. "Sup Matts!"

I nodded his way and turned to Morgan who just popped open a beer. "Why did you say that to Brynn?"

Morgan pulled the beer away from his lips and shrugged. "She needed to know."

I narrowed my eyes. "She needed to know? She needed to know! Why can't you keep your damn head out my fucking business?"

By this time Mitch had stopped eating and was staring at the both of us. The only background noise was the faint sound of the tv showing highlights of our game. Mitch stood up.


"Shut up!" I looked back at Morgan and spoke again.

"I'm happy Morgan. What's the problem with that?"

He yelled back. "She's too old for you. She has a goddamn child with somebody else. I mean jeez Matts it's like your trying to ruin your reputation!"

I took a step forward and balled up my fists. "My reputation for relationships is already fucked up as it is. Why does it matter?"

He rolled his eyes at me. "I'm not talking relationship wise dumbass. If the world finds out your dating someone and taking care of someone else's child they will rip you to shreds. Besides she's not all that special anyway! Why ruin your career over her?"

I lunged forward at the sound of that and laid a hit on his cheek bone. I went in for another hit before I felt myself being pulled off Morgan. "Get the hell off me!"

I pulled myself up and saw Freddie and Mitch standing there with wide eyes. I pushed past them and walked out to my car. I heard my name get called and turned to Freddie.

"What? What do you want?" He sighed.

He stepped forward and put a hand on my shoulder. "There were better ways of handling that. You know this."

I scoffed. "Unless you're actually going to scold me like your my mother I'm going to leave now."

He nodded and pulled his hand off my shoulder. I got into my car and drove off!

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