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THE DOMINO EFFECT. by nazemkadri
━━ NHL! ❝ all it takes is one person, one person to speak their mind, and the rest all follow. that my friend, is what we call the domino effect. ❞ [national hockey le...
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As You Please || Auston Matthews by easternwinds
As You Please || Auston Matthewsby zibanejads;
When Tessa's life starts to crumble around her, she finds someone to help her through. Will he be a temporary distraction, or a permanent fix?
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Find Me in Philadelphia //nolan patrick by sssavannah1
Find Me in Philadelphia //nolan pa...by sssavannah1
I'm only in college, I'm only nineteen. I didn't know that I would meet him. But I did
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Catching a Falling Star a Tyler Seguin Story by hockeypayer29
Catching a Falling Star a Tyler Se...by Delaney Farhurst
Tyler and Elizabeth grew up together until Elizabeth's father gets transferred to Plymouth. years later Tyler begins playing for the Whalers but they are split apart onc...
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Twitter⇝ M.Tkachuk by whoisgamoraa
Twitter⇝ M.Tkachukby 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐧
❝This is a stupid fan fiction all over again!❞ [Matthew Tkachuk] [Calgary Flames] cover @softskarrssgard
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Auston Matthews: Unlikely Meeting by sassyjanegirl
Auston Matthews: Unlikely Meetingby sassyjanegirl
"Yo Auston I wonder how that girl broke her foot." Mitch said to me. "Yeah I wonder, maybe playing some sport she looks sporty." I replied. "I h...
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LOST CALL. by nazemkadri
━━ AUSTON MATTHEWS! ❝ Eventually, everything connects.❞ [toronto maple leafs] [auston matthews] © nazemkadri 2017
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Friends Don't, But We Do by sssavannah1
Friends Don't, But We Doby sssavannah1
Friends don't call you in the middle of the night, just to say hi, but we do.
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angel ⇒ kasperi kapanen by mbarzal
angel ⇒ kasperi kapanenby certified hockey hoe
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TEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR.  by nazemkadri
━━ MORGAN RIELLY! ❝ happy new year you absolute gangster. much love, maya m - your text door neighbour. ❞ IN WHICH A DRUNK GIRL THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO TEXT...
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jack & quinn hughes imagines by austonxhughes
jack & quinn hughes imaginesby austonxhughes
just some cute stories about the cutest brothers 🥺
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Nhl imagines//quick shots (requests closed for the moment) by Nhlboys
Nhl imagines//quick shots (request...by Nhlboys
I reached the maximum amount of chapters in my last book so this is book 2!!
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Jack Hughes Imagines  by quinnyhughes
Jack Hughes Imagines by Sim:)
imagines about my future husband;)
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because i had you; jack hughes by quinnyhughes
because i had you; jack hughesby Sim:)
"she might help me forget, but loving her is something i could never do." "why not?" "because i had you."
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His First Choice by Nhlboys
His First Choiceby Nhlboys
Carter Hart "I don't want to be with a boy whose heart belongs to someone else. Just once, I want to be somebody else's first choice" - Lara Jean
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Flawed | William Nylander by cursedbylove
Flawed | William Nylanderby Aniie:)
In which she gets bullied out of playing on her former hockey team and now lives her dream of playing in the nhl . Just a fan girl of the Toronto maple leafs💗 I do not...
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her | auston matthews by gogogaudreau
her | auston matthewsby lol
"It's not that your too childish for me, it's that I'm too mature for you!" {mainly real life} {some social media}
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BENCHWARMERS. by nazemkadri
━━ FREDERIK ANDERSEN! WHATS MY FAVOURITE SNACK? FREDDIE ANDERSEN. [toronto maple leafs] [frederik andersen] mainly social media © nazemkadri 2018
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it's okay ↝ auston matthews✔️ by tr2626
it's okay ↝ auston matthews✔️by t r i n♡
"It's okay" [toronto maple leafs] [auston matthews] © tr2626 • not edited •
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trust issues // w. nylander by nylanderr
trust issues // w. nylanderby stella💙
"i have trust issues." he mutters. "i've just been fucked over too many times." [toronto maple leafs, ⇒w. nylander]
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