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Auston's POV:

I watched Breyana walk around the dress store looking for a dress for Brynn's wedding. My mom laughed as Alex sat in her phone since she already picked her dress out. Alex looked at me and walked over to where I sat.

"You're not trying in tuxes?" She asked.

I shook my head. "I'm not going Alex."

She looked at me surprised. "Why not? She is the love of your life right?"

I scoffed. "Exactly. She is the love of my life so why would I go watch the love of my life marry someone that isn't me."

She looked at me and smirked. "Are you going to send a card or something at least?"

I looked at her and she laughed. "Okay fine. I get it. You're not going."

I looked away from her and at my mom who was helping Breyana with the bottom of her dress as she examined herself in the mirror.

"I just, I wish things would have turned out differently." I said to my sister.

She nodded and put her hand on my back and started rubbing up and down. "Unfortunately I cant relate, yet. But I can tell you that if Brynn was still pissed off about what you did then she wouldn't have sent you a save the date card. She wouldn't have sent us save the dates. She still cares for you Auston. Remember that."

I looked at her again. "Then why is she getting married to someone else that isn't me?"

Alex smiled at me. "Because you haven't proven to her that it should be you and not him."

She stood up to help my mom before turning around and whispering something to me. "Show her just how important she is to you. Do something that will open her eyes. She obviously still loves you. And you are still madly in love with her."

She grinned and turned around to help my mom with Breyana. I watched my sisters bicker back and forth with my mom about how the dress was fitting wise and laughed. I got up and stepped outside before pulling out the save the date card and calling the number back on it again.

"Hello?" Brynn's mom said on the other line.

"Yes my name is Auston. Auston Matthews. I'd like to RSVP for the Martinez wedding please." I said with a smile.

"Ah yes. There is a group under the name Matthews, shall I add you to it?" Brynn's mom asked.

"Absolutely. I look forward to hopefully meeting you and congratulating the bride and groom on their happy day." I said back enthusiastically.

"So do I. Safe travels when you come here." Brynn's mom said to me.

I smirked and hung up the phone before. "This wedding is about to be amazing!"

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