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Mitchell Marner
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"Auston isn't here Mitch."

"You don't think I know that. I just got finished helping Freddie pull him off Morgan!"

"What do you mean pull him off Morgan?"

"He came over to Mo's to confront him about what he said to you. Something about you corrupting him or something."

I laid my head in my hands and sighed.

"I thought the first place he would have gone after was yours. I-I thought you knew already."

"No. It's okay Mitch don't feel bad. Thank you for telling me. I've gotta go."

"Okay. Well just keep me in the loop please!"

"I will. Bye."

I laid my phone down and turned off the tv. I picked Elle up off the couch and brought her upstairs to lay her down in bed. When I was finished tucking her in, I went back downstairs to check my phone. I sighed when I didn't see any texts from Auston. I picked up my phone and went to my contacts. I picked on Auston's and called.

"Hey. You've reached Auston! I'm sorry I couldn't get to the phone right now but please leave me a message and I will try my best to get back to you. Peace!"

I sighed and laid down to go to bed.


When I woke up, I grabbed my phone and checked to see if I had any messages or missed calls. Nothing! I threw myself back and got up to get ready for my long day. When I was finished getting ready, I went to Elle's room to wake her up. "Good morning princess."

She gave me a smile and I picked her up out of her bed. I walked into the kitchen and put her on the bar as I made her some breakfast. I laid out some peanut butter toast and sat down to watch her eat. As she was eating I heard my phone ding. I stood up quickly and grabbed my phone.

From: Shelia
I need you to come in early today.

I replied back and grabbed Elle, putting her in a coat to fight off the cold Toronto weather. I drove to my parents to drop her off. "I'll be back by 10. 11 the latest."

My mom nodded and closed the door. I pulled into the ACC and got out letting valet park my car in the parking garage. I walked in and went straight to Shelia's office. "Who am I covering for today on top of my usual work load?"

She smiled and looked up from her computer. I heard the door open and saw Mike Babcock walk in. "You won't be covering for anyone today. We just needed to talk to you. There has been some speculation going around that you have been seeing one of the players."

I sat down and sighed. "Yeah I have. I didn't know it was against the law."

Mike chuckled. "No, no, no. I just wanted to know if it was true. Honestly I would love to see that little girl of yours around here more often. She brings a smile to everyone's face. Especially Andersen."

I looked up at him and gave him a small smile. "Really?"

He nodded. "Now if you both will excuse me. I have a practice to get to."

I followed him outside and went out towards the ice to watch the morning skate. I looked around for Auston but couldn't spot him. I saw Morgan and Nazem down on the far end of the ice with their numbers towards me. I saw Mitch walk out onto the ice with none other then Auston behind him. But he wasn't talking with Mitch like he usually does. He wasn't talking to anyone. He skated past Morgan and Nazem and didn't dare try and catch the gaze of Freddie. Mitch tried to talk to him but he pushed him away. I watched and sighed. I stood up and headed back towards the hallway leading towards my office.

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