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Brynn's POV:

"Valentine wait up!"

I stopped in my tracks at the sound of the voice as I went to leave Staples Center after the Kings practice. I turned and was met by the brown eyes of Alec Martinez.

"Can I help you?" He laughed at my question. He grabbed one of the bags I was holding and my purse.

"You looked like you were struggling a little bit. Not everyone can be superwoman." I rolled my eyes.

"If I didn't know any better I would think you are actually just trying to flirt with me Mr. Martinez." He flashed me a shy smile and looked anywhere but my face.

I giggled. "You're absolutely right. I am trying to flirt with you. And it's going absolutely terrible because I've never been this caught off guard about someone before."

I froze at his words. No one had ever said that about me. "I know you just got out of a relationship not too long ago. I understand if you aren't ready to jump into a new one. But I just want to take it slow. Maybe start out as friends. And if that's all you want. I'm okay with that."

I smiled at him. "That's sweet Alec. Really it is. I'm free tonight actually. I'm still trying to get settled into my new house to be honest."

He beamed. "I could come over and help you finish unpacking if you'd like and I can order some takeout. LA has the best there is."

I nodded. "That sounds great."

I reached for his hand and pulled his phone out of it. I put in my phone number and called myself. "I will text you my address later on."

I handed his phone back to him and he grabbed it lingering his hold on my hand for just a few seconds longer then expected. He pulled away. "I'll see you later Valentine."

I nodded and grabbed my purse and bag from his hands and walked out to my car to head home.

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