4~The Stranger named Percy

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10 minutes later we came out of the shop with our arms laden with bags filled with things of all sorts. As we stepped outside, I saw the three kids and their mother coming out of Gringotts. The boy looked sick as if the trip underground had done something to him while the blonde girl was talking away happily to the black haired girl who looked amused. The blonde girl was making exaggerated hand gestures; flinging her hand about her and jumping up and down.

Ron nudged me and pointed in the opposite direction where his mother was walking towards us. We started walking towards her.

"Come along, you We have to go now if we are to get there in time for-" Mrs Weasley started but was interrupted by someone calling her name.

"Molly! Molly!"

Mrs Weasley turned around and greeted the woman running towards her with hug. "Sally!"

The woman, Sally, was the same one I saw with the boy and the two girls, who were now trailing behind. The blonde girl was still talking and failing her arms about and the boy and the black haired girl looked like this was a daily thing.

Mrs Weasley turned to us and said, "This is Sally Jackson. She and I went to Hogwarts together. Sally, this is Ronald Weasley and Ginny Weasley; my children,"

"Pleasure to meet you." Mrs Jackson said, shaking Ron's and Ginny's hand.

",And this is Hermione Granger." Mrs Weasley continued. Again, Mrs Jackson smiled warmly and shook her hand too.

",and Harry Potter."

She shook my hand smiled. "Harry Potter? You look so much like your father, exempt for eyes. Those are definitely Lily's." I smiled back at her.

By this time, the three kids had arrived and were standing beside Mrs Jackson.

"-and did you see that waterfall! It was amazing and so beautiful. Oh Gods! I need to add that to Olympus!" The blonde girl was saying.

"Alright, alright Wise-Girl, we get it." The boy said, trying to shut her up.

"But Percy, it was amazing!"

"Annabeth, you ate too much sugar."

"No, I did not, Thalia."

"Cut it out, you three." Mrs Jackson told them with a laugh. They had apparently been completely unaware to us standing there because when they looked up, the trio looked surprised.

"This is Molly Weasley, Ronald and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter." Their mother introduced. When she got to my name, I expected some sort of a reaction from the children but received none and truthfully, I was glad for it.

The boy smiled and raised a hand in greeting. "Hi, my name's Percy Jackson."

I smiled but when he raised his hand I saw the tattoo. Before I could make out what it was he noticed that I was looking at it and lowered his hand and shoved it in his pocket.

"Name's Thalia. Nice to meet you." The black haired girl said.

"Hi, I'm Annabeth. Annabeth Chase." The blonde girl said. "Daughter of Ath- uh....Frederick Chase."She smiled sheepishly while Percy and Thalia face palmed.

You know, I think this girl was a bit high on sugar.

"Sorry, she isn't normally like this." Thalia said. "We just went on an amazing ride to a vault located underground. It was splendid. Just Fabulous - note the sarcasm - and Annabeth saw some 'magnificent' stuff like waterfalls and structures on our trip underground and apparently they were beautiful and amazing, okay, so it was amazing and beautiful but I didn't notice that because I was too busy being sick alongside Kelp Head here-"

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