22~Prank Her the Stoll Style

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Hello again, detention. We meet for the 100th time. Well, at least, I think I've been on a hundred. Or was it fifty? I honestly have no clue. All I know is that detention is the worst thing that can happen to an ADHD kid. We have to sit around and do nothing. Now I have three hours of detention. one hour with the rest of my friends for doing nothing and the other two hours for knocking some sense into the visually impaired. But I was curious as to how wizards spend their detentions.

I was about to find out in...







"You six will be polishing these shields." Perfect timing, eh?

"When I come back in an hour it should be done. All of these shields. All 500 of them. If they aren't, expect another hour of detention." Professor Belle-more said before walking away smugly, knowing that we won't be able to finish in an hour.

"How the bloody hell are we supposed to clean all these shields in an hour?" Ron asked.

"Like this." I said, walking over to the bucket of water. "Since you guys know our secret, how could a simple trick like this hurt, huh?"

I splashed the water and made it spread over every one of the shields. I made it scrub the shields and returned the dirty water bak into the bucket. Done in ten seconds flat.

"Now, how do you want to spend this hour?" I asked, facing the others with a forced smirk plastered onto my face. Why was it forced? Don't expect me to start smiling randomly when Annabeth was supposedly dead.

Everyone except Thalia had an awed look on their faces but then broke out grinning.

"Hey, how about we leave a little surprise for Belle-more when she comes back?" Ron asked.

"I like this idea already!" Thalia said, sitting down on the floor. "What do we do?"

"Let's think now." I said. "What would Travis and Corner do?"

"They'd probably pour glue and pink feathers over her and set some creepy crawlies on her." Thalia said.

"Who's Travis and Corner?" Ginny's asked. "They sound like Fred and Gorge's long lost twins."

"They could be." I said. "They both have red hair. Well, more of a brown colour but still."

Thalia rolled her eyes. "They are sons of Hermes and the biggest pranksters at Camp. Their usual tricks are deadly, fatal and dangerous to their victims. Trust me, waking up in the morning and thinking that you are hundreds of meters in the air is not funny. I don't know how they did it but..."

"Hey! That's an awesome idea!" Ron said.

"What? Getting me hundreds of meters in the air?" Thalia asked menacingly.

"No. Not that." Ron said, frantically shaking his head. "I meant what you said earlier. With the glue, pink feathers and creepy crawlies."

"Now I'm listening." Thalia said.

"We could somehow set it so that when she opens the door, a bucket of glue pours over her." Ron said. "Then a bucket of pink feathers that will stick to her then we can set some- some-"

"Spiders! She hated spiders!" Ginny said, her facing breaking out in a smile.

"No. No spiders." I said.

"What, are you scared of them?" Ginny asked.

"No, it's just...Annabeth hated them and..." I said, looking down.

"Alright, no spiders." Ron said gleefully.

"Caterpillars?" Thalia asked. "She'll be itching all over."

"Okay. Let's get to work." Hermione said.

How did we get the supplies we needed you may ask? Well, we were wizards weren't we.

Pretty soon, a trap was set.

She'd open the door and nothing would happen. The whole trap would be invisible. That'd give us time to go through it and say outside so that she doesn't suspect us. When she walks through the door, the glue will fall on her. When the glue touches her it'll turn visible again. Then the feathers will come. Just as it was with the glue, the feathers will turn visible when they fall on her. Then the caterpillars will drop on her. Then as the grand finale, Thalia will electrocute her just slightly.

(A/N. Does that seam a bit too cruel?😈)

Most of the magic was thanks to Hermione and her spells. If she doesn't believe us when we say that we didn't do it, Thalia will just use mist on her.

Now, all we had to do was wait for the stupid little devil to come by. We'd magicked up some chips and snacks and were having a great time. Personally, this was the best detention I've had in my life.

"Guys, five minutes till the hour is up." Harry said looking at his watch.

Hermione put away the food with a wave of her wand while I got a few droplets of water to float onto all of their faces so that it they'd look sweaty.

Then everyone grabbed a rug and pretended to have finished up their last shields.

Just in time, the flew open revealing Belle-more. "Done!" Ron shouted throwing down his rag.

To say that she was surprised and angry would be an understatement.

"Well. You managed to do it, did you?" She asked. "Now, get out of here and wait for me outside."

We went outside of the room willingly. So far, so good...I just hope I didn't jinx it just then.

Professor Belle-more then turned back around and went through the door just as we had planned and screamed in shock as glue poured all over her. She took another step and, Voila! A perfect pink chicken. Then she took another step into the room and the caterpillars poured all over her.

I would say that I felt sorry for her...

...but if I said that, that'd be a big fat lie. So I won't say it.


I think it's safe to say that she woke up the whole of the school.

"You!" She gasped turning around. "You did this! And you thought you little devils would be able to get away with it, did you?"

"We didn't do it." Thalia said, snapping her fingers, at the same time electrifying her.

Professor belle-more screamed again in rage. "I don't care whether you did it or not! You lot can share in Jackson's punishment and have two extra hours of detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest!"

Something tells me that, those two hours of detention would be...what's the word? Fun.


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