26~ She's not dead

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I was gripping Annabeth's hand like a life line as I sat on the chair next to her bed.

She wasn't dead. Just Petrified. But I was sure that she could hear everything I say. I hardly wondered why this would happen. Instead I stared at her beautiful face. There was a big chance now that she'd wake up as soon as they make the cure.

Without knowing it, I fell asleep next to her, our hands still entwined. 


"My Goodness!" Someone exclaimed.  "Perseus Jackson, what are you doing here at this hour?"

I opened cracked open my eyes to see the stern face of Madam Pomfrey. 

"Uh...Sorry, I- She was having a nightmare." I said.

"A nightmare?" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed unbelieving. "She is de- petrified!" She ammended quickly. "How in the world could she have a nightmare?"

"I don't know but I'm pretty sure she's only petrified but can hear everything we say." I answered.

"Oh Perseus..." She said as if I was a little child telling her about a big dream

that would never happen.

"You should be getting back tobyour dormitory now." She said.

"Madam Pomfrey,  could I stay here for the night, I think it'd help with my nightmares too." I said, not yet ready to give up the fight.

She hesitated a moment then finally agreed and walked away briskly.

I kissed Annabeth's cheek lightly and stroked her hair. "Goodnight, Wise Girl."

A/ N.

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Leo: Hey. That's my line.

Me:I DON'T CARE, NOW SHUT UP unless ofcourse you want to give me your autograph....

Leo: Answer to question is....drumroll....NO.

Percy: Hey. Let's sing wrecking ball again!!!!!

Nico: Good idea....I CAME IN LIKE A UNICORN!


....I'll leave it to you to guess what happens next.....

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