28~ Divination and Another Attack

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We walked into Divination with the rest of our class and a professor as was essential now with the basilisk lurking around.

We walked into the attic and was met with the smoky smell of the fire and the dar atmosphere that made me want to fall asleep.

"Good morning student." Drawled Professor Trelawny dramatically as she always does. "Today, we'll be gazing at crystal balls."

The class went on as usual with Professor Trelawny walking around and occasionally predicting something dark and tragic.

"My dear, may I see through your crystal ball?" Professor Trelawny asked Percy when she reached the table he and Thalia were sitting on.

She stared at it for a while before gasping. "My goodness. Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my." She exclaimed. "Oh, your future is dark and clouded. You are to defeat a terrible monster with another of its kind. My dear, did you loose someone you loved and treasured recently?" Professor Trelawny asked. Percy didn't answer but Trelawney took that as a yes.

"I thought so." She said gravely. "But be prepared. Your future holds a lot of tragedy and disaster but...hold on a minute. What do I see here? This is all very confusing but I think I see a climbing wall spewing lava." Thalia's and Percy's heads shot up at that. "And what appears to be a cabin decorated with seashells and pebbles. Inside it, a young girl, no older than ten, I think. Her hair is raven black and her eyes are sea green. She's sitting on a bed, looking at a photo. A photo of two teenagers, a black haired boy with sea green eyes, and a blonde haired girl with grey eyes. In the photo, they seem to be laughing. Yes, but the photos are quite still. They don't appear to be moving. How very strange. The girl is putting down the photo just as the door to the cabin swings open revealing a boy with dark hair, dark eyes, black clothes, and unnaturally pale skin." Professor Trelawney pauses.

The description of the boy sounds like Nico and the two teens in the photograph appear to be Percy and Annabeth but I wasn't sure who the younger girl was. Thalia and Percy were staring at Professor Trelawney waiting for her to continue. Their eyes were as big as saucers and they were sitting straight upright.

"The boy is talking to the girl now." Professor Trelawney continued. "The girl is smiling. Now they're both laughing." Thalia and Percy looked surprised and were sharing a knowing look. "The boy is talking again. The girl is talking now. She's begging the boy. The boy is refusing now, oh my goodness. I can actually hear them. This has never happened before in my life. This is amazing. it is told that to unlock a true potential-"

"What's happening now?" Percy demanded, cutting her off.

Professor Trelawney looked back into the crystal ball again. "I can hear them the girl is saying. 'Please, Nico. Take me with you. I want to see him, he's my brother.' And the boy is saying, 'Alright then fine. Meet me outside my cabin at midnight. An Apollo camper will also be there.' Now the girl is talking again. 'Thank you, Nico.' Now they're hugging and...everything went black."


"Percy you can't be certain." Thalia said.

"Thals, it has to be. She is my sister." Percy argued back confidently.

"What if she was just rambling on about some hokus pokus?" Ron asked.

"Then we'll find out tonight at midnight, won't we?" Percy said. "I'm going to go see Annabeth, alright? See in potions." He turned and walked back the way we'd come to go to the hospital wing.

"He's been visiting her a lot even though she's petrified." Ginny noticed.

"Oh yeah. We forgot to tell you guys what happened." I said. "Well, I think it was the day before yesterday or yesterday or something but Percy woke up after nightmare telling us that Annabeth was hurt. The three of us, Percy, Ron and I went to the hospital wing to check on her and she was shaking all over. Percy talked to her and she calmed down so we think that she can hear us even though she's petrified. Though we don't know why the snake affected her differently. But I presume that Percy's been visiting her more to tell her what's going on and stuff."

"He'd probably be telling her right now that he has a sister." Thalia said. "He was so sure of himself. And excited. He looked truly happy which hadn't happened in a long time. I just don't want his hopes to rise and then be let down."

"Yeah. We should-" Ginny agreed but stopped mid sentence at tHe sight of Professor McGonagall walking to us. She had the same expression on her face that was there when she came to tell us about Annabeth.

She stopped in front of us and said grimly, "I think you should come with me. It's Miss Granger. Again."


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