18~The Chamber of Secrets All Over Again

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"All students are to go to their houses." It was Professor McGonagall. "I repeat. All students to their houses immediately. Prefects, you are to make sure everyone is inside their tower. No one is to step a foot outside."

Annabeth, Ron, Harry, Ginny and Thalia landed swiftly next to us. I wouldn't call Thalia's landing swift but what ever.

"What do we do?" Annabeth asked and trust me, it's weird when you hear Annabeth Chase asking someone what to do.

Hermione was on her feet in seconds. "You guys have to go to the Gryffindor Common Rom. Ron and I are prefects so we have to scout around the school really quickly." She grabbed Ron's hand and they sprinted away from us while the rest of us ran to the Common Room.

When we went through the Portrait of the fat lady - who swung open without even asking for the password - it was crowded inside. Like, really really crowded. And it was noisy.

A few minutes of waiting and the portrait swung back closed after Hermione, Ron and a bunch of first years followed by Professor McGonagall came inside. The whole of Gryfindor Tower suddenly went so silent that I'd have bet five drachmas that you'd be able to hear a pin drop as loud as if it was a cannon. Professor McGonagall made her way to the front and everyone's heads followed her every move expectantly.

"Students," she announced. "I'm afraid I have some grave news. The chamber of Secrets has been re-opened."

There were collective gasps all around. Hermione's hand flew to her mouth. Ginny collapsed onto the nearest chair. Ron and Harry was gaping at Professor McGonagall as if she was insane. Only the younger kids and Annabeth and Thalia seemed as confused as I was.

"The basilisk is out again and-" professor McGonagall continued but was interrupted.

"But we destroyed the Basilisk." Harry spoke up.

"Yes Mr Potter, you did." Professor McGonagall said crisply. "But some how, it's out again. I don't know who re-opened the chamber but it has been done." She paused then continued. "And I'm sure you heard the scream coming from inside of Hogwarts I presume?" There were numerous nods at this and worried glances at each other. "Well, the basilisk has struck. Luckily that student is not dead, only Petrified." If it was possible, the room grew quieter. "He is from Gryfindor. And yes, he had been petrified the second time the chamber opened as well. Justin Finch-Fletchley." Another round of gasps. It would be appreciated if someone explained to me what actually happened.

(A/N. Sorry made a mistake again. Justin is Hufflepuff. Right. Thanks CSP2708 for pointing it out)

"Now, Prefects. You are to make sure no one steps a foot outside of this tower unless you accompany them. The Hogsmede trip tomorrow is still on but there will be secure protection and it may as well be safer than it is here at Hogwarts. That is all." Professor McGonagall concluded and walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room.


"Okay, What is the big deal anyway?" I asked my friends. Annabeth, Thalia, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Harry and I were seemed in the common room on the floor discussing what had just happened.

"Seaweed Brain, have you read A Recent History of Hogwarts? It's in the Library." Annabeth asked.

"Wise Girl, you know I'm dyslexic and you also know that I always judge a book by its cover so if the cover is brown and ancient looking then I wouldn't have even touched it." I replied.

Annabeth gaped at me. "Wow, Percy. I never thought you were capable of saying such a long sentence."

"Shut up you two." Thalia said. "Let's here it from the people who experienced it first hand instead of reading the book shall we?"

So Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron explained what had happened. How the chamber was opened last year- Ginny looked devastated- how the snake Petrified all those innocent people- Hermione had visibly paled- how the snake is specific on which people it petrifies, muggle born, and how Tom Riddle or Mouldy-Vort nearly came back alive.

Well after the story to say that we were amazed at what they did would be an understatement.

We were blown outa our mind! I mean, Harry was only 12 and he fought a giant snake while I was fighting a Minotaur in a nappy! Ginny was 11!

"Well, looks like it's the Chamber of Secrets all over agin." I said, deciding to state the obvious. "At least it's not a chimera or something." I just had to jinx it didn't I? Why I'd I say that, you may ask. Well, just then there was a roar right outside Gryffindor Tower. Could this day get any worse?


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