43~ Good to be ba- NOT AGAIN!

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When the light faded around us, we were left holding hands in a circle by the lake in the middle of a war.

How convenient.

We were on the other side of the lake and on the bank opposite us stood a startled and shocked Harry, Ginny and Annabeth.

I literally ran across the water and enveloped her in a hug. She hugged me back tightly as if to remind herself that this wasn't a dream.

"Percy..." She whispered as she sobbed into my shirt.

"As long as we're together, remeber?" I mumbled into her hair, completly oblivious to the war raging on around us.

"Don't ever leave me again, Seaweed Brain." She said, pulling away and smiling at me through a tear streaked face.

"I won't, Wise Girl. Never again." I said.

I was just about to pull her into another hug when I noticed someone approaching behind her.

Another me with golden eyes.


I instinctively pushed Annabeth behind me and took out my ball point pen and uncapped it.

Our swords met with a sharp clang.

"Perseus Jackson. I don't know how you returned but you are going back." He growled through clenched teeth as he drove his sword towards my neck.

"The only person going down will be you." I growled back to him as I blocked his attack easily. "You hurt Annabeth and that's something you'll regret."

We kept fighting. Out of the corner of my eye, I was aware of my friends fighting for their lives. Selena and Piper were ordering random monsters to drop dead with their charm-speak and fighting skills. Beckandorf was hacking away with a sword. Leo was shooting fireballs and laughing like a maniac. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were casting spells on everyone. Hazel was firing gems and peppering holes in monsters and reducing them to golden dust. Jason and Thalia were zapping enemies with electricity and calypso and Rachel were fighting with their new swords.

Distracted, I didn't notice Kronos swiping his sword at me. At the last second, fortunately, I managed to block it and fought him harder than ever and directed all my attention to him.

"Percy, you can't defeat me." Kronos said and controlled the time which made me freeze on the spot.

I couldn't move as much as I tried to so I summoned a ginormous wave and drenched Kronos who gasped in shock and let go of the time spell. I took advantage of his hesitation and lunged at him without a second thought. This time as I drove my sword into him, he roared in pain and melted into a puddle of black goo since he hadn't bathed in the Styx.

Before I could celebrate my victory a green light came at me from nowhere and I fell to the ground. The battleground fell silent. Before my eyes closed, I realised that the war was over.


Sorry for the short chapter but I really wanted to update this. You'll have to wait and see if Percy actually dies......heheehee I love torturing you guys. Hee hee hee






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