Our Fairytale Ending

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Epilogue- Our Fairytale Ending

"How dare you say that the little mermaid is better?" The young 11 year old blonde haired girl said angrily. Her sea green eyes looked like a storm was brewing inside them.

"How could you say that finding Nemo is better, then?" Her twin sister countered, her grey eyes flashing just as angrily as her sister's.

"Oh gods, both of you can shut up because documentaries about Architecture are way better than either of those stupid movies!" The fifteen year old boy said at last. Unlike his sisters who both had blonde hair, his hair was black but his eyes were sea green. Though he looked like a miniature version of his father, Luke's personality was very much like his mothers.

The twins gasped. "He called our movies stupid!" They said in sync. "Dad!"

"Luke, Bianca, Zoe." Percy chided playfully as he pushed the trolley carrying all of their luggage. "You three stop fighting."

They stopped In front of a brick wall. On one side of the wall was platform nine. On the other side was platform ten.

"Well, how do we go-" Zoe started.

"-Into Platform Nine and Three Quarters?" Bianca finished for her sister.

The only difference between Bianca and Zoe were their eye colour and their love for different movies. Zoe had grey eyes while Bianca had sea green eyes. Zoe loved the LittleMermaid and Bianca loved Finding Nemo. Other than those two facts, you'd never be able to tell them apart.

"Watch and learn ladies." Luke said. He casually walked over to the wall and leaned against it and disappeared into the other side.

The twins gasped.



"How did he-"

"-Do that?" Zoe and Bianca said finishing each other's sentences.

"What I'd like to know is how you two do that?" Annabeth said in amusement.



"Uncle Travis and-"

"-Uncle Corner taught us!"

"I should've known." Annabeth muttered. "Let's go now. Bianca, you come with me."

Bianca obediently took her mother's hand and they ran through the wall together closely followed by Percy, the trolley and Zoe.

On the other side of the platform, strange people in robes and pointy hats were bustling around everywhere as they loaded their luggage and said their goodbyes. An old fashioned steam engine was in front of them with the words Hogwarts Express written upon it.

"Hey, where'd Luke go?" Bianca asked as she looked around and noticed that he was no where in sight.

"Probably rushed off to see his friends." Annabeth said.

"C'mon let's go find him." Percy said.


Everyone else was already there. The rest of the seven, Calypso, Thalia, Nico and Lisa had come to see them off.

Piper and Jason were with their fifteen year old daughter Silena who had thick, brown, curly hair and electric blue eyes. Leo and Calypso with fourteen year old Bekandorf with his black hair and brown eyes and scrawny figure depicting Leo. Hazel and Frank with their two year old son Sammy. Harry and Ginny with, James, Albus and Lilly. Ron and Hermione with Rose and Hugo. 

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