40~ The Stone and The Locket

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Annabeth came into the Common Room clutching a small round stone in her hands.

"Annabeth." Thalia said. "Where were you?"

"The forbidden forest. And I found this." Annabeth answered as she showed us the stone. Then it suddenly hit me. I knew what stone that was.

"Annabeth, can I see that?" Hermione asked obviously coming to the same conclusion I did.  Annabeth hesitantly gave it to Hermione.

"It brought Percy back." Annabeth said suddenly which caused multiple heads to look at her.

"Annabeth, I know you want to believe this but-" Piper started gently.

"No Piper. It actually did. He came back but he wasn't alive nor dead. Somewhere in between." Annabeth protested.

"Annabeth..." Hazel said.

"No, guys. She's saying the truth." Ginny said.

"This is the ressurection stone." Hermione explained to everyone. "When you spin it around three times, people that died come back. But they aren't exactly dead and neither are they alive. Somewhere in between."

"So if I turned it around three times, would he come back?" Annabeth asked as she took the stone from Hermione.

"No Annabeth. You mustn't." Hermione said taking the stone from her again.

"Why not?" Annabeth asked.

"It'll slowly drive you insane. Him been there but at the same time not been there. It's dangerous, Annabeth. That's why Harry threw it away." Ginny said.

"Ginny, I just want to see him again. Please, you don't understand." Annabeth sobbed.

"Annabeth," Thalia said. "They're right. You have to let it go okay?"

"Thalia I can't." Annabeth said collapsing into a chair crying her eyes out. "I can't let it go. I need to see him again."

Rachel got up from her seat and took the stone from Hermione. 

"How about I give it to you but you promise me that you won't use it too much. Okay?"

Annabeth nodded and took it in her hands. "Thanks Rach."

Rachel smiled. "How about we go upstairs to the boys dormitory with Harry and Ron and pack away Percy's stuff, okay?"

"Okay." Annabeth agreed as she slipped the stone into her pocket.


"What's this?" I asked.

We were cleaning up Percy's belongings. I was starting to think that Rachel's idea about Annabeth helping out wasn't such a great one. Every time she picked up something of Percy's,  silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

I had just found a parcel wrapped in brown paper.

Annabeth looked up from what she was putting away.

"That's the parcel Leo sent Percy." Annabeth said as she took it from me.

She ripped open the package and found a locket inside. It was a heart shaped, silver locket hanging from a silver chain.

The front of it had six words were carved into it elegantly.

As long as we are together

"Why would Percy need a locket?" Ron asked.

Annabeth opened the locket. On the right side was a small picture of Percy and on the left side was a picture of Annabeth. It was positioned so that it looked like the two pictures were staring at each other.

"It was meant for you, Annabeth." Rachel said. "He was going to give it to you and asked Leo and Tyson to make it but Aphrodite helped them out. Percy told them what to right at the front."

Annabeth fingered the delicate piece of jewelery as she cried for what seemed like the millionth time that day but it didn't last long because just then Jason barged into the room huffing and puffing.


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