8~Owl Attacks at Breakfast

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I woke up to Ron shaking my shoulders. "Harry! Harry, get up! We're gonna be late!"

I sat up groggily. Someone had taken off my glasses in the middle of the night and I had sneaky suspicion who it was... A certain red haired girl...I reached out to my bed stand and took my glasses, putting it on my nose so that the blurred faces in front of me came into focus.

Neville, Seamus and Dean were already down at breakfast and Ron was now attempting to wake up Percy without much success.

"Mate, wake up! Yo, Perce!" Ron said shaking his shoulders.

"Five more minutes mom?" Percy groaned rolling over onto his face.

"I'm not your mom! I'm Ron, wake up!" Ron said.

"Bue-" Percy snored loudly. "Blue cookies...yum..."

"Mate, you gotta get up now."

"Ponys and unicorns. Oooh, and Pegasi and Hippocampi!" Percy said with a dreamy smile on his face.

I snickered as Ron looked at me worriedly.

"Mate, stop it."

"Beth, I don't like that seaweed, it won't go well with my Little Mermaid costume." Percy muttered.

"Harry, is he alright?" Ron asked me, giving up all hope of waking him up.

"I'm gonna wear my Nemo costume for Halloween, Annie. The dolphins told me that they wanted an autograph and picture of me so that they could stick it on their under water houses. But I refused. I don't know why Annie- ohhh! Look a pony! Chiron turned into a pony..." Percy said before rolling up into a ball and sucking his thumb like a baby and going back to a peaceful sleep.

"You know, you won't be able to wake him up without Annabeth or me." Thalia said leaning against the door way, holding up a muggle phone as if she was recording something. She put her phone away in her robe pockets and walked up to Percy. She poked him on his arm and Percy sat up bolt upright and shouted, "Why did you zap me, Thals! You were ruining my dream about ponies and stuff. Thalia, Chiron got turned into a pink my little pony! And-" Percy stopped abruptly. The reason for that? Thalia had fished out her phone and was playing the video with a smirk on her face. Percy looked aghast and when the video finished he turned to us. "Tell me you didn't see that!"

"Sorry to break it to you mate, but, we did." Ron answered while I just nodded.

Percy groaned and burrowed his head in his hands. "Thalia, I want blue flowers on my coffin and tell my mum that I love her and tell Annabeth that I'm sorry, now where is Riptide?"

"It's in your pocket Kelp Head but don't go into the trouble, I'll be more than happy to kill you with my bow and arrow." Thalia offered, putting her phone back in her pocket.

"Do you know who else is gonna die?" Annabeth asked now appearing at the door, her hands on either side of the door frame. She was completely dressed with her robes like Thalia. Percy and Thalia looked up to her.

"Us, if we don't hurry up." Annabeth said before tuning and running down the stairs followed by Thalia, Ron and I - and a Percy with his robes the other way around in his rush to get ready - scrambling down the stairs.


"Whoa! Why is there a flock of owls flying into the great hall?" Percy asked.

"They're here to deliver letters and parcels from friends and family." Hermione explained, filling her plate with bread and scrambled eggs.

"Oh." Percy said in a small voice. "Well, I don't really fancy owls, that's Annabeth and WHY IS THERE A WHOLE FLOCK FLYING DOWN AT ME!?" Percy said, shouting the last part. Sure enough, a whole flock of owl were flying straight down.

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