32~ Bad News Always Follows Me

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"...I think- I think the voice was...Kronos...and Voldermort." Annabeth said. There was a long, stretched out silence after this. It felt as if you could cut through the tension wit a knife.

Right when the silence was reaching the point where you just couldn't take it anymore, Percy said, "Guys, it's getting too quiet in here. Let's talk."

"Indeed we should, Mr Jackson." Professor McGonagall said as she stood up from the teachers table at the front of the hall. "We aren't sure what Voldernort or Kronos wants but one thing is for certain." She looked directly at Percy, Annabeth, Thalia and Lisa. "Forces must unite. Would you four care to introduce yourselves to the school?"

Thalia and Lisa got up from the spots they were kneeling on next to Percy. Annabeth got to her feet as well and helped Percy up. Percy nearly collapsed again but Annabeth gently sat him down on a bench.

Thalia spoke up. "My name is Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, God of the sky."
Gasps echoed through out the school. Some clueless , others, understandingly but everyone was shocked.

"I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, the goddess of crafts and wisdom and battle stratergy." Annabeth said.

"Lisa Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon, god of the seas." Lisa said nervously with all the attention directed at her.

Percy raised a hand as if to say, 'hi' with a weak smile. "Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, God of seas."

Again there was silence then Pansy Parkinson yelled, "PROVE IT!" which was followed by more cries and disbelief.

"Alright, we'll prove it." Thalia said regaining the silence and the attention of everybody. She raised a hand and thunder boomed outside even though the sky was perdectly clear. She summoned a lightning bolt that struck her head but nothing happened to her. Then, taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and concentrated. A few minutes later she was floating 10 feet off the ground. Her eyes were screwed shut and her hands were shaking slightly.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and gasped in shock, just as everybody else. Then she yelped and fell to the floor. No one laughed though, not even the Slytherins. They were too shocked to do so.

"Thals, I told you could it." Percy said, smiling broadly despite his exhausted self.

"I-I-Well, Jason won't have a reason to boast now." Thalia finally said.

Then they continued.

"I don't have any amazing powers but-" Annabeth started.

"-but, she is amazingly smart, clever, ingenious, amazing at architecture, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty-" Percy said cutting her off. Annabeth raised her voice and spoke louder, trying to drown out Percy but all the same, blushing tomato red. Lisa smirked and her eyes held a new mischievous twinkle in them that I see in the Weasley Twins and sometimes Ginny. She obviously hadn't realised that Percy and Annabeth were together until now and was probably going to tease them till the end of the world comes.

"What I was going to say WAS that I have an invisibility cap that makes me invisible." Annabeth said as Percy finally stopped ranting. Then she turned to Lisa.

"Well, I'm kinda new at being a half blood." She said. "So I don't know about my powers but I guess they're the same as Percy's."

Percy took a glass of water from the Gryffindor Table and made the water rise out of the glass and spin so that it created a teeny weeny hurricane. "I can control water, breathe underwater, talk to horses, fishes and other sea creatures, create hurricane like this little guy except much bigger, I can control ships and tell exactly where we are at sea. Ooh! And did you know that Nemo is actually alive? So is Aerial. I met them underwater! And-" Percy said enthusiastically but stopped abruptly as the miniature hurricane dissolved into a puddle of water on the floor. Percy groaned from obvious pain and clutched his temple.

"Percy, Are you okay?" Annabeth asked, at once by his side.

"Yeah. Fine. Just- I think that demonstration drained me a bit." Percy said.

Then Annabeth gave a gasp. "I think I know why. Remember how Luke had to bathe in the Styx to host Kronos because the power would have destroyed a normal human? Well, if those voices that spoke through you were actually Voldermort AND Kronos, and they could've quiet possibly taken over you, leaving you like this."

"I don't call you ingenious for nothing, Wise Girl." Percy said. "But yeah, I think you're right and I also think we should tell them our story."

So the three of them told everyone exactly what Percy and Thalia had told us in front of the fireplace but this time, Lisa told about her life too. She had lived with her aunt and had gone by the name Lisa Andrews, and this strange lady who called herself Sally Jackson, Percy's mom, visited her regularly on a monthly basis. Of course, then she hadn't known about Sally being her mother and was led into thinking that she was an only child living a normal life. Her aunt knew nothing about Lisa's demigod side either and so hadn't believed Lisa when she told of strange things happening to herself.

But then one day at school, she attacked by a Gorgon. She had instinctively pulled on her golden heart shaped locket she had always had and it had changed into a sword. She had defeated the Gorgon on her own before her best friend who was actually Nico, had come to help her. He took her to camp where she was claimed by Poseidon and where Sally had told her about her family history including the information about the wizards. apparently, since two children of Poseidon were dangerous to keep together in a mortal house, Sally had to give one up to her sister.

Then Lisa had begged Nico to bring her here.

When Lisa told that she and Nico were I fact best friends, it was Percy's eyes that twinkled mischievously.

Then at the end of both stories, there was another long stretch of silence.

"Well, we'll go Iris Massage the two camps then." Thalia said, breaking the ice. "We'll tell them to come here as fast as they can and let them know to come prepared for a battle."

Professor McGonagall nodded her head grimly just as Thalia, Lisa, Annabeth and Percy headed out of the Great Hall with Percy leaning against Annabeth for support.

The great hall then broke out into a great deal of chatter and murmurs and Ginny, Ron, Hermione and I ran after the four demigods.

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