19~It Strikes Again

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Percy, Thalia and Annabeth jumped to their feet at the sound of what seemed like a dog's bark. It seemed like a dog's bark but as I listened to it more carefully, it turned into something that was more of a growl.

Percy groaned. "Why now?" He said and ran to the closed portrait of the fat lady, closely followed by Annabeth and Thalia. But even before they could make it half way to the portrait, Hermione stepped in front of them.

"You aren't supposed to go outside without a prefect accompanying you." She reminded them.

"Oh man." Percy whinnied. "I'm sorry Hermione, but you can't come with us."

"Why not?" Hermione asked.

"Well- it complicated." Percy answered swerving around her and disappearing through the portrait hole with Thalia and Annabeth.

Hermione ran back to us and dragged us over to where the trio disappeared without paying attention to our protests.

All I can say is that our protesting and complaining died in our throats when we went through the portrait hole. Thalia, Percy and Annabeth were fighting a dog with baseball bats and sticks. I was starting to wonder if they were crazy after all when I looked closer and realised what was actually happening. Let me rephrase my earlier sentence. Thalia, Percy and Annabeth were fighting a monstrous creature with swords and daggers.

Hermione drew in her breath sharply and whispered something that sounded like, "The Minataur."

The three of them; Percy, Annabeth and Thalia defeated the monster in no time at all. Before we could have even considered taking out our wands, the monster was nothing but a big pile of golden dust.

"How'd that thing get in here?" Percy asked his two friends.

"I don't know, Kelpy." Thalia said.

"Guys, we should go tell Chiron." Annabeth said, still completely oblivious to Ron, Ginny, Hermione and I standing there in shock.

"Now?" Percy asked her.

"Now." She said, before running down the deserted corridor with Thalia and Percy at her heels.

"We should go after them." Hermione said, breaking the silence that had aroused.

"Yeah, I agree." Ron said.

Just then a suit of armour of armour clanked just around the corner and a shadow came into view. A shadow of someone tall.

"Actually, I don't think we should go after them..." Ron said meekly as we all scampered back inside the Gryffindor Common Room before we were caught by the teacher.


"Are you sure, you're feeling alright?" Percy asked worriedly.

"I'm alright!" Hermione said, outraged. "Don't pretend you don't know what we are talking about! The monster! The Minotaur!"

"Hermione, I think you're hallucinating." Annabeth said.

"She isn't hallucinating." Ginny said, calmly.

"We saw it. And you three turned it into a pile of golden fairy dust." Ron agreed.

"Guys, the Minotaur is in greek mythology." Thalia pointed out. "Key word: Mythology."

"This is more than just mythology." I said. "Mythology isn't real. What we saw was definitely real."

Thalia, Percy and Annabeth hadn't come back until later that night when we where all sleeping. Now we were in the common Room, the next morning trying to get some answers out of them. The Hogsmede trip had been cancelled due to another petrification. The teachers were also starting to make the cure but of course, that would take months. And a lot can happen in a couple of months.

"Well," Annabeth started, getting to her feet. "What you saw, wasn't real and I'm off o the library."

"You need a prefect to go with you." Hermione stated.

"I'm sure I'll be perfectly fine." Annabeth said before leaving through the portrait hole without another word.

Hermione face Percy and Thalia again. "Deny all you want. We'll get to the bottom of this sooner or later."

"Try your best." Thalia said. Walking off to the girls dormitory.

Percy shrugged and went up to the boys dormitory.

There was silence for a while, then Hermione looked at us. "So now you believe me when I say that they're demigods?"

"Absolutely!" Ron said. "I believed you all that time."

Hermione scoffed. "Yeah, right."

"Well, now what do we-" Ginny started but was cut short by the portrait of the fat lady swinging open revealing a grim face Professor McGonagall.

"May I be excused as to see Mr Jackson and Miss Grace?" She asked us.

"Uh, they're in their dormitories. Ginny and I'll get them." I offered.

"Thank you Mr Potter." McGonagall said.

Ginny and I rushed up the dormitories. I went up the boys as Ginny went up the girls and was back down in seconds with a confused Percy and Thalia.

"Mr Jackson and Miss Grace." Professor McGonagall started. "Would you please follow me to the hospital wing?" She turned towards us and said, "you four might as well come too."

She led us outside and through the corridors silently until we reached the hospital wing. The two doors were open before us. At, first, I didn't get what was wrong but then, beside me, Percy went rigid. He was staring at one of the beds in which a girl was lying motionless. Thalia's hand flew to her mouth. They ran towards the bed, closely followed by Hermione,Ron, Ginny and I. As we got closer to the bed, I realised who was on it. A certain blonde haired, grey eyed girl.

Annabeth had one hand on her dagger hilt. Her other hand was limply hanging beside the bed. Her eyes were closed.

Unlike Hermione had been, Annabeth's features weren't stone like. She wasn't frozen in place. She looked as if she was.,.

"No. No." Percy whispered, collapsing on to the chair beside the bed.

"She's only petrified, right?" Thalia asked frantically.

"It's hard to tell and we aren't sure yet and certainly we'll try the cure on her, but..." Professor McGonagall said.

"But what!?" Thalia demanded, her eyes pooling with tears.

Professor McGonagall answered Thalia softly and hesitantly.

"We- we fear that she...that she may be...dead."



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