14~Lesson 1: Always be careful when IMing

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Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry had already gone to Gryffindor Tower muttering something about how they're sleepy or something even though I knew perfectly well that they'd be talking about what happened.

It was the end of the day and so Annabeth, Thalia and I were heading towards the Gryffindor Common Room. We had told Chiron about the incident at Divination before Dinner. We went through the portrait of the fat lady and took the three vacant chairs in front of the fireplace.

"I think we should IM the seven." Thalia said after a while.

"Yeah, but what if someone saw us?" Annabeth asked, looking around nervously.

"Just hope the Mist will cover it up." I said getting up and fishing a drachma from my pocket. "Any water here?" I asked the two.

Thalia looked around and spotting a jug of water, she handed it to me.

I made a sheet of fine mist above the jug using the water in it with my very cool Poseidon powers.

"Oh Fleecy, do me a solid. Show me the Seven of the prophecy at Camp Half Blood." I said chucking the drachma through the mist, watching as it disappeared through it. Thalia and Annabeth gave me puzzled looks because of my choice of words but I just grinned at them.

Through the mist, I could now see inside of Bunker Nine. Leo was dancing around throwing Skittles every where while Piper and Jason tried to calm him down. Frank and Hazel were watching them with confusion and amusement.


"Leo!" Piper shouted.


"Leo, calm down!" Jason tried.


"Guys, I told you not to give him sugary lollies!" Hazel said, walking up to Leo to try and help the others calm down.

"Hazel, be careful..." Frank said looking worried before he went to help too.

"LEO VALDEZ!" Someone else shouted from the entrance of Bunker Nine.

Leo froze, his arm extended clutching the skittles and his mouth open wide while the rest of the heroes sighed in relief.

"Calypso, I swear. You're the only one who can get him under control." Piper exclaimed.

"I'm sowwy Cawypso." Leo said in a fake baby voice, shrinking under Calypso's gaze. She was dressed in jeans and a red shirt with her hair tied back. Her hands were greasy and she had splotches of oil on her shirt. During the Giant War, Leo had found a way back to Calypso and brought her down to Camp Half Blood. Now, it was Caleo all the way. Don't ask me how I know ship names. I just do since one of my best friends is from the Aphrodite cabin. Apparently, Annabeth and I were Percadeath or something. (A/N Intended Mistake...evil Rick Riordon)

It was then that Annabeth, Thalia and I decided to make our presence know. "GUYS!" We shouted together, though not loud enough to wake up our house.

Ever head turned to us, yes even Leo. There was silence then Leo rushed forward, trying to run in slow motion with his arms spread eagle and a grin on his face. Instead, he tripped over a wire.

"OW!" Leo complained causing us to burst into silent fits of laughter. Calypso shook her head and walked up to him, getting him off the floor.

"Thanks Caly. No one else cares for the mighty Leo Valdez." Le said pouting as he got up.

"We missed you guys!" Pipers said to us. "When are you gonna come back to camp?"

"Yeah! It's not the same here without the legendary Percy, Annabeth and Thalia." Jason said.

"Is it fun there?" Frank asked.

"Is it better than Camp?" Hazel asked.

"Are there things that will allow me and the Stolls to prank the Athena cabin?" Leo asked.

Annabeth's eyes narrowed at the last question. "Leo..." She trailed off dangerously.

"I mean come on, Annabeth!" Leo said. "You aren't here so it's the perfect opportunity to prank your cabin without dying!"

Annabeth's eyes narrowed further.

"Don't worry Leo," I said with a smirk. "I'll send you some Puking Pastils, Nosebleed Nougats, invisibility ink ohh and we mustn't forget the fake tarantulas!"

Annabeth glared at me while Leo looked esthatic.

"Perseus Jackson, you are dead." Uh oh! She used my full name that means that I truly am going to die. I gulped and tried for a 'charming' smile which probably conveyed, Please don't kill me!

"Guys, we'll talk about nonsense later." Thalia said. "We need to tell you something really important."

With that, we told them about what happened at divination.

After we finished every one of them were looking at us seriously, even Leo.

"Whoa! That's creepy. I thought Rachel was supposed to do that kinda stuff." Leo said.

"Yeah, me too." I said. "But that's not all. When Professor Trelawny sprouted out the prophecies, I saw the images flash across my mind. Like I saw my self from age twelve all the way up until my 17th birthday. and I have a feeling that Harry saw everything I saw too."

"And you forgot to mention this before?" Annabeth asked, folding her hands across her chest.

"Uh, yeah?" I said but it came out as more of a question which made Annabeth glare at me again.

"Who's Harry?" Hazel asked.

"A friend of ours." Thalia said. "Harry Potter."

"Well, why would he see what you saw?" Jason asked.

"That's what I don't know." I said.

"Well, we'll tell Rachel about this when she gets back. Right now, she's at school." Piper said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, we'll do that." Jason echoed. "Anything else happened?"

"Well no, if you don't count this evil old hag insulting Annabeth." Thalia said. "I wouldn't be surprised if she was a monster."

"Just drive your sword through her." Frank said. "If she was mortal, it'll pass right through, right?"

"Well, yes, but the thing is, she's not entirely mortal. She's a witch so we may end up slicing her in half." I said.

"Yeah, true." Frank agreed. "Well, how about- hold it! Someones coming! We aren't supposed to now about witches and wizards are we? See you later then."

Everyone shouted their good byes hurriedly. "Don't forget the prank supplies, Percy or the rainbow unicorns will be sad." I'll leave it to you to guess who said that. Frank swiped a hand through the mist just as Nyssa appeared, fortunately deeply absorbed in her project.

I collapsed onto the chair along with Thalia and Annabeth. "We should get some sleep." Thalia said.

"You guys go ahead, I have to finish up some home work." Annabeth said.

"I'll stay behind with you Wise Girl." I said as Thalia shrugged and went to the girls dormitory.

Annabeth pulled out a book and started working with me just watching. But and ADHD kid can not stay still for a long time so I started looking around. I swear I saw something in the shadows but dismissed it. Then a few seconds later, I heard a soft clang and I could've sworn someone whispered, "Bloody hell!" But when I looked around, no one was there.

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