42~ A Vision

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"-and then Charlie-" I stood up abruptly, interrupting Selena's story drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

"Percy, what's wrong?" Luke asked.

"Annabeth. She's in danger." I muttered.

"OH MY GOSH! YOU HAVE A SIXTH SENSE ABOUT HER? THAT'S SO CUTE." Leave it to Silena to find some hidden meaning in whatever you say.

"But what's wrong?" She asked as she regained her composure.

"I don't know. But I have to do something." I muttered.

"Uh, Perce? How are you gonna do something from down here?" Etan asked me.

"I dunno! Anything!" I said in frustration.

Then I was pulled into a vision. Annabeth, Ginny and Harry were knealing down on the banks of the lake.

Annabeth took a locket from around her neck and I realised what it was. How could I have been so stupid as to foget to give that to her before I died. Gods, I am such a seaweed brain!

Then she got a stone from her pocket.

Ginny was saying something but I couldn't hear her. Annabeth shook her head in response.

That's when I realised something. Behind them, a battle was going on. My friends against Kronos and Voldermort. I seriously wanted to strangle Kronos with my bare hands. And what's worse, he had taken a form of me which I knew would come in handy for him if Annabeth were to ever fight him.

I diverted my attention back to the trio by the lake. Annabeth was jamming the stone onto the open locket in frustration but nothing was happening. Then Harry said something to which Annabeth responded by snapping the locket shut. She got the stone and nervously placed it on the silver metal where the words As long as we're together were engraved on.

The stone melted into the silver metal turning the words bronze. The three waited for sometging to happen but nothing did. Then Annabeth's expression morphed into her I've got it face.

A voice spoke in my head. A voice that had spoken to me about romantic mushy stuff when I was 14 in the fancy taxi.

"Percy, prepare yourself and say your goodbyes. And tell my daughter, Silena that she was a brave hero and that I love her."

Then everything went black and I was jolted to the present.

"Percy, man? Are you alright?" Bekandorf asked.

"Yeah, fine." I said quickly, knowing that I didn't have much time. "I had a vision.  Annabeth...the locket."

"Percy, calm down and tell us everything from the beginning." Zoe said.

So, I explained.

"I asked Leo and Tyson to make a locket. At the front I asked them to write As lond as we're together. But then apparently, Silena, your mom had asked for the locket to add something to it. A day later, she gave it back to the boys but as far as they could see nothing had changed. Well, the locket was for Annabeth. And I had a vision just then where I saw Annabeth, Harry and Ginny doing something with a stone and the locket. Then Aphrodite spoke in my mind. She told me to tell my goodbyes and prepare myself.  And she told you, Silena that you were a brave hero and that she loves you."

Silena looked to be in near tears.

"You know what this means right?" She asked me. "You're going to return to the world again. I couldn't bear to see the two of you apart, You and Annabeth.  So I prayed to my mom to find a way to get you back alive. And she did. The locket. Oh gods, I love my mom."

I didn't know what to say to her. How to thank her. But she got the point and gave me a hug.

"We'll miss you, Percy." She whispered.

When she pulled away, Zoe gave me a hug which was surprising to tell you the truth. All my other friends said their goodbyes and just in time too.

A voice echoed around the room and I knew that everyone heard it.

"Not time to go yet. Everyone, hold hands and make a circle."

We did as we were told.

A bright white light surrounded us and we, all, flashed out.





Do you STILL hate me NOW? After I got Percy back?


\(●□●)/   <~ That's me screaming btw

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