29~ The Queen Of Hideousness

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"Oh god! Not again!" Ron said burying his head in his hands.

A couple of beds away from the bed Annabeth was lying on, Hermione was lying there petrified and there was nothing we could do to help her until the cure comes out.

Now I know what Percy must've felt when he realised that Annabeth was petrified. Only he would've felt way more than upset and sad, he would've been completely heartbroken because they were so close but then she was just ripped away from him. And he had thought that she was dead.

Ron was pretty worked up about this and Ginny was actually hugging him to make him feel better which probably surprised her more than Ron.

Percy was standing by our bed too and his eyes were flashing dangerously.

As if they were saying, 'You've messed with two of my friends, now you'll pay.'

I wouldn't want to be the basilisk at a time like this.

Then he suddenly slapped himself on the forehead. "Oh gods, I'm so stupid." He muttered then he turned to us. "Guys, I forgot to tell you about a dream I had. I saw Professor Belle-more in a girls bathroom talking in a raspy snake like voice in front of the sink. The sink moved to the side revealing a long dark tunnel and she crawled inside."

"Are you- are you sure?" Ginny asked.

"Positive and demigod dreams are always true. Unfortunately." He added.

Ron, Ginny and I exchanged nervous glances while Thalia and Percy just looked at us in confusion.

I decided to save them the trouble and tell what's going on. "What you dreamt was the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and it looks like Belle-more is the one behind all these things."

(A/N did I get the description of the entrance to the chamber correct?)

"Harry, be our guest." Ron said.

Unwillilingly I walked up to the front and stared at the snake image painted on the sink and spoke in a rasping voice. Since the part of Voldermort inside me was now gone, I can't talk to snakes but I remembered what I had to say now.

The sink moved to the side revealing a tunnel.

"Who'll go first?" I asked.

"I will." Percy said taking his pen out of his pocket and sliding into the tunnel without a problem.

Thalia went after him then me, soon all of us were at the bottom inside the long twisting tunnels. I lead the way to the chamber and opened it and we poured inside. It was just as I remembered. Wet, and dark and everything else that was bad...

Percy uncapped his pen and it turned into Riptide. A quiver full of arrows and a bow suddenly appeared at Thalia's side. She put in an arrow in her bow and readied it. So when the basilisk decided to surprise us and attack us suddenly, it got a ton of arrows in its eye. How that thing re-formed, I had no idea but it wasn't good.

"Make sure not to look at it in the eye!" I shouted.

The basilisk hissed in pain.

"Okay, well that's huge." Percy muttered, readying himself while Ron, Ginny and I took out our wands.

"Kelp head, you've fought giants way bigger than this. This is just an angry, stupid little pest." Thalia said.

"True, true. It's nice to think about it as a small cockroach. It hurt her now it's gonna pay." Percy said gritting his teeth when he said the last part.

Then, Percy did something that appeared to be so stupid to me but probably completely natural to him.

He ran at the monster and stabbed its massive body. Fortunately, he got away as it lunged at him, unfortunately his sword didn't do a thing to its skin. (A/N. Is that right?)

"Must be like the Nemean Lion." Thalia said, firing more arrows at its eyes. Then as it turned around and hissed, Thalia shot a couple of arrows straight into its mouth.

The basilisk howled in pain.

Realising that we haven't been doing anything to help but stare in awe, we pointed our wands at its mouth and cried together, "STUPEFY!" The monster crumpled to the ground and surprisingly dissolved into golden dust.

"I see you already met and maimed my pet, The Basilisk." Professor Belle-more exclaimed. "I made it and based it after myself."

"That explains why it was so hideous then." Percy said, twirling his sword around.

Belle-more scowled. "Perseus Jackson, you killed me once and I'm here to get revenge. Besides we still need to take that picture of you, the goat and the blonde that died."

"She isn't dead and Grover isn't a goat." Percy defended, his eyes sparkling dangerously. "Are recalling the sweet moment when the 'goat' as you call him kicked in the face with those brand new flying shoes? Oh, by the way your sisters, Ellie and Mellie or something-"

"Eurielle and Stheno." Belle-more growled cutting him off.

Percy shrugged. "They could be still fighting about who is more ugly and going back into yesteryear where mommy used to say that you were the most hideous. How sweet is that, really?" He mocked.

"Well, I was the most hideous in the family-" Belle-more said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you were." Percy said. "Did you have a whole collection of worst dressed awards and most ugly awards displayed proudly on your table?"

Belle-more blushed.

Percy nodded gravely. "I thought so. Oh, and you can take that mist off of you now, Medusa."


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