41~ Lesson 2: Never Trust Kronos

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To say that Annabeth was mad would be an understatement. She was beyond mad. Way past furious. If I was Kronos or Voldermort, I would've fled when I had the chance.

The whole school was here with their wands at the ready. The demigods from both camps were in battle armour, wielding whatever weopon they had.

Behind Kronos and Voldermort,  was a whole army of dementors and other mythical and magic creatures but there were no Death Eaters this time.

Annabeth marched up to the front of our army with the locket that she had put on now bouncing against her neck.

"You made a deal with-" She shouted but stopped midscentence and stared at whom I thought was Kronos.

"Surprised, Annabeth?" Kronos asked.

"Percy..." Annabeth whispered.

Kronos looked like Percy. Exactly like him except his eyes were golden instead of seagreen and the usual trouble maker smirk was replaced by an evil sneer.

"I thought that this form would suit the purpose perfectly." Kronos drawled. "Do you like it, Annabeth? Does it remind you of your precious Percy?"

"You- You swore on the Styx!" Annabeth shouted.

"That, I did. But silly girl, I'm much too powerful for the Styx to have any affect on me." Kronos said with a sneer.

"You killed Percy for...for nothing?!" Annabeth sobbed as she shouted.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. That puny demigod was getting in the way." Kronos said in a bored voice.

Annabeth wielded her dagger and she would have charged at Kronos right then and there if Thalia hadn't grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"Harry Potter." Voldermort said as he noticed me. "Revenge truly is sweet."

Then they charged.

There were red flashes of light everywhere and the clangs of swords rang in my ears. Everyone I knew were fighting. I could see Hagrid's massive figure hoveribg over everyone. A streak of blonde hair was fighting through the battle field, taking down any monster that came by her.

Then suddenly, three very familliar people were by my side. Hermione, Ron and Ginny. We glanced at each other and nodded before working our way through the enemies together as a team.

I cast a patronus to fight off the dementors and cast spells that popped into my mind to ward off the magical creatures but then we came across a mythological monster.

Hermione used her wand to get a sword and we followed suite.  Then we put our DADA lessons into action.

It turned out we were pretty good with a sword but still not perfect. Although we managed to reduce the monster to golden dust we wouldn't hold out for much longer.

Then Leo's voice boomed through the grounds. He was obviously using some sort of mega megaphone.

"Everyone, get into groups! Wizards and demigods together!"

The next second Annabeth and Thalia were next to us.

A boggart appeared in front of us. It instantly changed shape into a big hairy spider. Big as in, big as a house. We defeated it in a matter of seconds.

Then time froze. Litterally. The only people moving were myself, Annabeth and Ginny.

A tall and beutiful lady appeared. I couldn't pinpoint her exact appearance. One minute she had fiery red hair like Ginny's,  then the next she had straight black hair like Cho's. And it just kept changing.

She grabbed Annabeth's hand.

"Quick, my dear. I don't have much time. The Fates have only allowed me so much time. Only because they're ultimate Percabeth fans too but that's not the point." She rushed. "Use the locket. And the stone. As long as you're together, remember. Put them together. Literally. Oh, then add the water."

Then she dissapeared and time continued as usual.

"What does that mean?" Ginny asked as she shot a stunning spell at a hydra.

"I don't know." Annabeth muttered fingering her locket and dtabbing her dagger through a minotaur.

The she froze. "The lake. Harry, Ginny, come with me."

Then she ran towards the lake.











Who can guess what Aphrodite meant?

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