11~Rock-cakes for Tea and Nightmares

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"Ah, there ya are! I've bin waitin' for ya." Hagrid said. "Mind introducing me ter yer friends, Percy?"

"This is Annabeth," Percy said guess turning towards Annabeth. ",And this is Thalia. Guys, this is Hagrid."

Annabetha and Thalia politely shook Hagrid's hand, trying not to wince as he shook it.

"Well then c'mon in." Hagrid said, pushing us all in through the door to the hut.

We went inside and sat down at the small round table. Hagrid offered us some rock-cakes and we each took one. Percy, unaware that the rock-cakes taste like literal rocks when Hagrid cooks them, took several and bit into one with great difficulty.

"Serves you right for being greedy, seaweed Brain." Annabeth whispered as Hagrid went to make some tea. "I wasn't being greedy!" Percy protested.

"Here yer all are." Hagrid said, coming back and sliding a cup full of tea for each of us.

"Now how's yer year so far, eh?" He asked.

"Not bad except for Professor Belle-more." I said.

"Yeah, she was calling Annabeth lame insults like ugly and hideous. Pfft! As if." Percy scoffed.

"Perce, shut up." Annabeth said but a smile lingered on her lips.

The rest of afternoon passed by with us telling Hagrid what happened and with him offering us more rock-cakes. Finally as the sky seemed to darken, we left for the castle again.

We walked through the deserted corridors and entered the Gryffindor house. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and I decided to go and sleep while Percy, Annabeth and Thalia stayed behind. I was, again, at the foot of the stairs when I heard them talking.

"No, We'll Iris Massage him tomorrow." Percy was saying.

"Okay then. I can't wait to see the rest of the seven again." Annabeth said.

They talked a bit more about stuff I didn't catch then I heard Thalia walking back to her dormitory. Annabeth and Percy were now whispering to each other and then it went silent. I descended the steps as quietly as I could and found them sleeping right there on the sofa they were sitting on. Annabeth's head was leaning on Percy's shoulder and the latter had his arm around her. They both looked so at peace. Every other time, they always wore this guarded mask over there faces. Not literally, but you know.

I went back up to my dormitory again and went to bed, hoping to get a good night's rest.


The scream woke me up at 1am. It was coming from the common room where Percy and Annabeth were. I jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs, aware of Ron right behind me. I was surprised at how many people were woken up by that really loud scream. It was just Hermione, Ginny, Thalia, Rona and I. Percy was crouched beside the sofa and Annabeth was muttering things and squirming around in the sofa.

"Somebody know of a spell that would keep the rest of the house from hearing what's going on?" Percy asked urgently, looking around at us expectantly.

"Muffliato." I casted just as Annabeth screamed loudly.


"I'm right here, Annabeth." Percy whispered gently to her, taking her hand in his. "It's just a nightmare."

"NO, NO, DON'T! DONT!" Annabeth wailed, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Beth, it's alright. She's just toying with your mind. Think of happy memories." Percy said, soothingly.

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