33~ Eagles, a Swearing Horse and a Giant Flying Ship

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We were all standing outside in the grassy fields of Hogwarts, waiting for the arrival of the demigods just as we did so long ago when we waited for the Beuxbatons and Durmstrang Academy to arrive. The teachers stood off to the side except Chiron and Clarisse who were upfront with the Percy, Thalia, Annabeth and Lisa.

The demigods had finished the IM only one hour ago and I didn't see how someone could get from America to London so fast but we were about to find out.

Just as I was going to ask Percy how the others could get here so fast, a blur of beige flew across my eyes and stopped I front of the lake. It was a horse. A beautiful stallion with a beige coat and a black mane. (Is that what Arion looks like?) Atop it sat a curly haired girl of about 13 and a big burly Chinese looking guy of maybe 16. The horse neighed aggressively and stood up on its hind legs for a few seconds which caused the boy to drop onto the floor but it was careful not to harm the girl.

"Hey!" The guy exclaimed.

The horse neighed a reply and Percy shook his head as if ashamed at what the horse had said.

Then Annabeth, Percy and Thalia walked over to them. Well, Annabeth was still supporting Percy and he was still tripping on his feet a bit but he was getting a lot better. Maybe it was the nectar and ambrosia he ate that helped him recover.

Lisa stayed behind in the crowd with us but was still smiling broadly.

The girl who had ridden here on the horse came rushing to the trio and engulfed them in a hug screaming, "I missed you!" while the buff guy got off the ground and walked to the others mumbling about 'stupid horses' to which the horse neighed.

"Frank, I don't think you want me to say what the horse said." Percy said to the guy.

The horse whinnied again.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." Percy amended quickly. "Your name is not the horse. I agree. I'm sorry, Arion."

"What did he say about me?" Frank asked.

Percy cleared his throat and said in an unnaturally high pitched voice, "I'll tell you whose stupid you *beeeeep* , Chinese Canadian Baby Man! * BEEP * *BEEP* *BEEEEEEEEEP*"

The horse neighed loudly and backed away from Percy.

"Oh, yes Arion. Your voice is that high pitched and you know it!" Percy said with a laugh.

The horse neighed again and Percy chuckled.

Then the girl spotted Lisa and rushed towards her. "LISA!" She screamed.

"Hey, Hazel." Lisa squeaked out as she was crushed in Hazel's hug before moving on to Clarisse who awkwardly patted her on the back before pushing her away.

"Hey, sis!" Frank said to Clarisse who growled and said, "Do not call me sis, Frankie Bear."

Frank growled back a reply. "Do not call me Frankie Bear."

"I think introductions are in order." Thalia said.

Hazel and Frank introduced themselves as the daughter of Pluto and the son of Mars who were the Roman forms of the gods. They had just finished demonstrating their powers when someone from the crowd of students gasped and pointed up and shouted, "Hey! Look up there! A flying ship!"

It landed right in front of us. It had a metal figure head of a dragon that whirred and tilted its head at us as if examining us.

As the ship landed on the lake, people started to get off.

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